Courage Molina is an energetic and passionate woman of faith.  As the Chief Courage Crusader she shares her message of confidence and courage through faith in God based on the word of God. She has declared war on depression, doubt, fear, divorce and complacency. In her book, “Power Principles of Courageous Living: How I Overcame Depression & Took Back My Life” she shares her testimony along with the principles that completely transformed her way of thinking and her life. She also coaches women in applying those principles to their life through her Courage Mastermind program. She is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom she shares that wisdom each week on her podcast Dose of Courage and with the women she serves through her ministry Dose of Courage Ministries. She is all about providing support and guidance to courage crusaders all over the world.

Join us as Courage shares her journey to becoming free.


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