Do you find yourself struggling with Imposter Syndrome and struggling even more to understand why?

For a while, I couldn’t wrap my mind around why imposter syndrome was consistently raring its ugly head in my life.  I thought once I got to the root of it, I would have everything under control.

The truth is, I was unconsciously allowing imposter syndrome to steal my power.  If you are ready to take your power back, this episode is one you don’t want to miss.

Specifically, because in this season of layered pandemics, God wants you to be reminded that purpose take priority over pandemics, and if you aren’t mindful, the power of imposter syndrome will become a pandemic in your life.

And I’m excited to share that I am hosting the FIRST virtual Coffee + Clarity Experience on Saturday, September 19, 2020 at 9 AM EST and I’d LOVE for you be there.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Coffee + Clarity Experiences are mini-retreats. transformational experiences to equip, challenge and encourage as you rebuild your life with God first.  In this sacred space you will grow your faith, friendships + fellowship with divine connection, deep conversation and intentional intimacy.

Coffee + Clarity is for you IF:

  • You’re FINALLY ready for change but don’t know where to start
  • You want to finally gain clarity on Gods vision/purpose for your life
  • You believe you were created for more but aren’t sure what to do next
  • You want to finally gain clarity on and be challenged to move forward with Gods vision/purpose for your life
  • You are feeling isolated on the journey and have a desire to connect with like minded women of faith in a sacred, nonjudgmental space.


Key Takeaways for this episode:

  1. Discipline is the bridge to discipline
  2. Unforgiveness is born of your unwillingness to trust God and gives power to distractions
  3. Unforgiveness will distract you from your true identiy
  4. Starting before youre ready doe not mean get ahead fo God.
  5. When you are distracted the enemy will present you with counterfeits to have you justify the lie that God hasn’t done what he said He would do

Scriptures Mentioned:

  • 1 John 1:9
  • 2 Samuel 11-12

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