As a woman you never consider having to choose between saving your own life and giving life by becoming a mother.

Today’s guest, Sonita Bell was blind sighted but he reality she was not going to be a mother.  She did things the way God intended. She waited, got married and was excited to become a mother.  After many ectopic pregnancies, she learned she would not become a natural mom.

About Sonita Bell:

Sonita’s Designs was founded by Sonita Bell thru a vision that God had given her at the age of seven. After accepting the call on her life, Sonita stepped out and began her company with faith and determination to obey God. Sonita’s Designs mission is to ensure that women and men of all sizes, cultures, and race feel successful and confident through their personal shopping and styling experience.

As a wardrobe stylist she designs a classy, unique and edgy look to your wardrobe and lifestyle. Sonita hand picks each item and works with artist, fashion designers, jewelry makers, accessory and apparel companies to ensure you have her personal touch.

Some of the highlights of Sonita’s career was being nominated Stylist of the Year by Style Week Pittsburgh in 2016,  Boutique of the Year  in 2017, and winning Boutique Owner of the Year by Style and Glam LLC in 2018 & 2019.

Sonita continues to develop her styling skills through extensive training and development.  Sonita attended her mentor Celebrity Stylist J. Bolin’s Bootcamp in 2017. She learned new styling techniques and narratives to stay current in the ever changing world of design.

She also vends at some of the top conferences and fashion shows in the nation.Her clients range from, beauty influencers, runway models, beauty queens, corporate working women and men, pastors, music artist,  public speakers, and comedians; if you need a personal stylist to enhance your brand, Sonita’s Designs is the company that delivers!

Connect with Sonita: @sonitasdesigns on ALL social platforms

Key Takeaways:

  • When you have certain things hooper you don’t know where to share it
  • Its amazing how you can bring business and faith together
  • Finding Drs who care about your body is important
  • If God did it for Sarah, He can do it for you
  • Its important to advocate yourself no matter what the doctor says, you always need a second, third or fourth option
  • Never stop making sure you’re okay and your body is okay
  • Thank God you can have an answer to give when asked, even though it may have been a challenging experience for you
  • Trust God in everything – He’s still a GOOD God
  • I needed Gods word because I really didn’t know who I was
  • After you find out you can’t have children as a woman – you kind of question your purpose
  • I needed Gods word to let me know He still had a plan
  • There is so much power in using ALL the resources God has given us
  • The word of God is the HIGHEST form of education
  • People have faith until they have to have faith
  • When you’re in the healing process – you’re allowed to travel.  You’re allowed to take extra steps
  • Healing is a process. Don’t try to skip the process.
  • When God brings you through – you’re illegitimates when you skip the process
  • Honesty heals.  It’s okay not to be okay.
  • Sign off social media if you have to.  You need time to breath.
  • Entrepreneurs are problem solvers. We see the problem and we solve it.
  • Ministry means to serve.
  • Noones ministry is inside the building, you are the church.
  • Your business and ministry don’t have to be two different things.
  • When you have a person in front of you in their business, their lives are in your hands.
  • If you’re in business ONLY for the money – you probably shouldn’t be doing it
  • You don’t have to be thirsty for God to bless you
  • Not everybody is assigned to you. Not everybody is your customer just because they have money
  • Another person may never change – but how are you going to react?
  • You have to be accountable for how you respond + react to situations and circumstances

Scriptures Mentioned

Jeremiah 29:11

Exodus 2:1-10

Matthew 6:33

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Books Sonita Recommends

Praying With Confidence: 31 Days of Powerful Moments with God, By Jeff Leake

30 Day Stay by Tiffany Huff-Strothers

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