Are you Feeling Stuck or Frustrated by Your Progress this year?

Have you been struggling to stay focused?  Do the goals you set at the beginning of 2020 seem outdated or unnecessary?

2020 is the year of the pivot, and if you’re really ready to get past the shame, guilt and fear of the trauma you’ve grown through, this episode is for you.

Tiffany is providing you with 6 journaling questions and a process to begin to reflect and recommit to reclaiming your life, so you can Kickstart the Final Quarter of the Year + Finish Strong.

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Hey Beacon, welcome home to your Bounce Back Blueprint Podcast, where you are challenged to be do and have God’s best. As you thrive on your journey from setback to success. I’m your bounce back guide, Tiffany Huff-Strothers. And I’ll be guiding you on the journey by sharing tips, tools, and the T on how I was able to bounce back from escaping death, healing from heartbreak and finding hope in homelessness. And then I wrote an award winning book all about it, and shout out to God, ever since I was courageous enough to share my story. My life and the lives of women around the world have been forever changed. And as a member of the bounce back blueprint community, I’m called to teach you to do the same. So grab your journal, and let’s build this blueprint.

Today, I wanted to talk about reflections and recommitment. Because, of course, it is a new month and a new quarter. And in fact, I like to call this season, this time of year the beginning of the end. Why do I say it’s the beginning of the end, because we’re moving into the end of the year. And today marks the start of the last quarter of the year, the last three months of the year, a new season has just begun. So this is the beginning of the end. And I think that a lot of times we take two approaches to this time of year, either it’s like, oh, well, the years over whatever happened or didn’t happen. I’m done it’s getting cold, I’m about to just chill, right. And the issue with that is that when you take that approach, you start to settle. And I need for you to know that dust settles, Daughters of the most I can do not. So that is not the approach you want to take. The other approach people take is oh my god is the end of the year, I haven’t accomplished anything. I need to rush, rush rush, I need to grind grind, grind, I need to hustle and make something happen. That also is an unhealthy approach. And it is not what God would have you do it is based in and rooted in guilt. And guilt is not of God. So that is not the approach you want to take either.

However, I do think that the approach you want to take in this season, regardless of how this year has gone for you is to read excuse me is to take some time to reflect and also take some time to recommit to those things, excuse me activity that God has purpose for you to do in this season. Right. And we all know that God’s seasons are not the same as our own. But based on the calendar and where we are going as we move through 2020. Now, let me preface this conversation by saying that I know 2020 has been a doozy right? It has caused a lot of us to rethink our lives for lack of a better way to say it. It’s knocked some of us off of our feet. For many of us, it’s been a season of elevation though, right? So it’s been a season of preparation. For some of us. It’s been a season of separation for nearly all of us because of quarantining but it’s also been a season for Elevation for many of us, and perhaps you’re feeling like for you. It’s been a season of separation in a way that you weren’t expecting, right. And I want to encourage you if 2020 has been more challenging for you, then you have ever experienced a challenge before, whether you are being more directly impacted by the pandemics that are going on nationally, internationally, or whether you are dealing with trying to work through growth through your own personal pandemics. Regardless, this season is really important for reflection and recommitment. Because, you know, on this bounce back journey, you have to be consistently mindful of the fact that your bounce back is about reclaiming your life, right? You have to be consistently mindful of the fact that even as you grow through or overcome one setback, this journey is about peaks and valleys right?
So you’re going to encounter additional setbacks, you’re going to encounter additional pandemics, both personally and those that are happening to whomever is walking this earth in this season. So I wanted to come through today to encourage you in this season about you know some ways some questions, you can spend some time praying over journaling through and really getting honest with yourself about so that you can reflect and recommit To what you set out to do not only this year, but in your life, right? So the first question that well, I should back up and say I want you to really set aside some time to do this, right? So while you’re listening, watching, you can jot down some notes, right, but I really want you to be intentional about creating the space. If not today. If not tomorrow, then this weekend, to really have some time to sit down with this, sit with this, get honest with yourself. And you know, prayerfully hear from God. So you want to pray before you dig into all of this.

And then these are a few questions that you want to ask yourself, number one, what has gone well, this year, what has gone well this year. And I know that, like I said, if you’ve been challenged by everything this year, you may be feeling like nothing has gone right. But that’s likely because you haven’t done this, consider this intentional, deep down reflection, right? I want you to go below the surface on this, I don’t want you to think about how you may have gotten laid off, I don’t want you to think about the contracts that were pulled necessarily, I don’t want you to think about how the Wi Fi cuts out. Every time you have a meeting or your child logs on for school, I want you to really think about what has gone well for you in 2020. And I want you to think about this on various levels.

So what has gone well, personally, you may have made new friends online, because you’ve been spending more time online, right? Or you may have strengthened your relationship with your children, because you’re all home and you have been forced into spending even more time with them. And so you’ve gotten proactive about your relationship with your children. You know, it could be that you have begun to be more intentional, intentional about caring for yourself, whether that means you’re reading more, whether that means you’ve been doing some home workouts, or you’ve changed your diet, because you found yourself gaining the quarantine 15. What has gone well, for you personally, what have you done Well?

Then you know, if it’s not personal think about the physical. Have you changed your diet? Are you eating? Or Excuse me? Are you drinking more water? Are you eating more fruits and vegetables? Have you been more conscious of what you’re buying at the grocery store? And you’re buying more fresh things? So think about what’s going well physically?

And then of course, you can think about financially? Have you been saving money? Because you’ve been home or you’ve not been out doing all of the things, you know, brunch in luncheon, and happy hour? And if that’s your thing, so how has your financial life? What’s gone better for you? Have you saved? And then you know, you can think about spiritual? Are you praying more? I know, for many of us, the quarantine has brought us to our knees. And while we don’t want to be forced into prayer because of something bad happening, whatever happens in this world, right? That brings you closer to God, we’re gonna count that all good, right? It’s working together for your good like Romans 828. So think about spiritually what has gone well, financially, you know, personally, and then you can take that same approach and thinking about what has gone well for you professionally, in your work or business life, what has gone well for you socially?

I want you to take a holistic approach to answering these questions. And I want you to give yourself the time and space to really dig into them. And then of course, you can look at question number two, which is what hasn’t gone well, this year. And you’re going to take the same holistic approach, I’m willing to bet that what has gone well, the list is going to be much longer than what has if you’re doing this properly. Now, if that’s not the case for you, that’s okay, as well. But I want you to write an exhaustive list from every you know, from that holistic perspective again. For example, one thing that didn’t go well for me in 2020, is that I got a really large water bill because I was having an issue with one of the toilets in my house running. And once we got into yellow, my children were having more company, and so that bathroom was being used more often, which led to an astronomical water bill, because I wasn’t aware of the problem, however, that totally was a problem before 2020 right. That was a personal pandemic that I had not dealt with, prior to being hit or being confronted with the impacts of COVID-19. And that’s why this reflection and recommitment is so important because it gives you the opportunity to see what didn’t go well that you’ve been blaming on COVID that is actually been a personal pandemic that has gone unaddressed for way too long. And so in this season, when those things come up, what I want you to consider is, you know, what do I need to do moving forward to eradicate this personal pandemic, so that even in the midst of a pandemic, I have no control over, I’m thriving, I’m still successful. I’m still growing through and building my bounce back blueprint. Right. So what hasn’t gone? Well, physically? What hasn’t gone? Well, personally, perhaps you have gained the quarantine 15? And that is okay. Right? It’s about being aware, reflecting on that, you know, why have you gained the quarantine 15? You know, what choices are decisions actions have led to that? And what do you need to do moving forward as you recommit to make sure that it doesn’t become the quarantine 30 or 40. Right. So thinking about, again, holistically, what hasn’t gone well. And then if you are reflecting on what’s gone well, and what hasn’t gone well, deeply, like I said, below the surface, then answering this third question should be a bit easier for you. And that is what needs to change. what needs to change as you are recommitting to your purpose, your goals, your plan, according to God’s will for your life as you move forward through the end of 2020 and beyond.

The great thing is that right now, you have about 90 days, 12 weeks, which is the way I prefer to set goals and plan Anyway, you have 90 days to really reflect and recommit and of course, correct and do some evaluation, right? So I want you to consider what needs to change, right? Do you need to change the way you’re shopping again to address that quarantine? 15? Have you been ordering too much takeout, which is impacting the quarantine 15 and your waist? And your wallet I should say right? Your wallet and your waistline could be affected by one decision that you could change is it that you’re Netflix and chilling too much and not doing the work that is necessary for you to progress professionally, in your business or in your career? Right? what needs to change for you to reclaim your life? what needs to change for you to begin, rebegin, right, begin again, I should say.
What needs to change for you to begin again, with bouncing back with growing through with reclaiming your life. And, yes, I do provide coaching services in this way. And I’m gonna give you three Bonus questions. Because I love you like that, that you also can consider in this season.
So the first one is, what have I learned through this experience? So what have you learned through 2020? With all that has worked and all that hasn’t worked? What have you learned through 2020? I want you to be honest, these can be what you learned about yourself personally, again, it can be about relationships, or it could be professionally it could be based on books that you’ve read, whatever the case may be, what have you learned through the experience of both, again, the National pandemic and your own personal pandemics? That’s that’s the first bonus question.
The second bonus question is how has what you’ve learned over the past nine months right? Over the course of 2020? How has it transformed your life? Right? And I want you to think about how your life has transformed for the better. Right? This is not about having a pity party. This is about focusing on the growth process. So how have you transformed for the better based on what you’ve learned? And I would say to hone in on three lessons that you’ve learned, and three ways that you’ve transformed based on these questions.
And then the final question is, how can what you’ve learned and what you’ve transformed, help you to make an impact on not only your life, but someone else’s life, right? How have the lessons that you’ve learned how have the ways you’ve transformed created an opportunity for you to improve hacked others and make an income based on what you’ve grown through in this year and your setback and your challenge, right?

These questions, six of them I’ve given you now are really important to you being able to get honest with yourself, reflect and recommit to who you were called to be and what you were called to do. In fact, these questions can be super pivotal to you reclaiming your life, because let’s be honest, nobody wants to come out of 2020, looking like what she’s been through, right, we want to come out of 2020. With the glow, right? We want our presidents to be present, and nothing is going to come to you, if you just sit there, you still have to do the work, right? If you want to reclaim your life, if you want to bounce back, if you want to thrive on this journey, from setback to success, you have to do the work. And this is a great place to start. Right. Too often, we come into the seasons. And we take the triggers from those around us or outside of us in these internet streets who are saying you need to set goals, right? You need to think about what you’re going to accomplish before the end of the year. And we start to set goals and we start to proclaim and declare that we’re going to do all of the things but we haven’t done the work to really reflect on what has and has not been accomplished so that those reflections inform what needs to happen next, right. Too often we set these goals without seeking, seeking God’s guidance about what he would have us do next. It could be that some of the goals you set at the top of 2020 COVID actually helped you because those were not the goals God would have had you set, right. So this is a time this is a season where you can begin to utilize the spirit lead strategy that you have been ignoring for any myriad of reasons. So I want you to really think about how you know you are going to make the changes necessary so that as you grow forward, you are not only glory, excuse me, glorifying God with your life, but also doing the things that you are passionate about or purpose to do and that you can feel good about, right? If you listen to the podcast in June for my birthday, I shared an episode called unshakable joy. And it was about the word my word for the year is unshakable, right, if you are doing this process, right, and you are setting goals, intentionally with the guidance from God, and with your sincerely honest answers to these questions, then you should be positioning yourself to be unshakable and to have unshakable joy. Even when things get challenging, even when the road isn’t as clear or easy as you would like it to be, you know that you were in purpose. And you know, that, you know, regardless of what is going on, the present for you in that season is God’s presence and knowing that you are pleasing Him, and building the blueprint to get to where you’re going. And so before I leave you I want to say two last things.
The first is that I have created a workbook for you called reclaim your life. And it has some of the questions that I’ve asked you here. And it also has some additional questions and resources, you can get access to that workbook by going to Riga, Reclaim Your 2020 slash Reclaim Your 2020 though the link to the workbook is is also on the Facebook page and also in my Instagram bio, if you will prefer to access it there, access it there with just one click.
The other thing that I want to leave you with is this personal pandemics or what make encountering anything else that comes your way harder to overcome, right. And in order for you to be able to overcome with ease and excellence. You have to be willing to confront what needs to be conquered. Right You have to be willing to call it out. And this process answering these questions truthfully and honestly are positioning you to be able to confront what needs to be conquered. So that regardless of what comes your way, you know that you will be unshakable. So prayerfully this was helpful for you right, you recognize that you need to do some reflection and some recommitment.

And I also pray that the reclaiming Your Life Workbook will be helpful for you. Like I said, there’s additional questions in there as well as some resources that can assist you through answering those questions. And of course, if you are interested in some guidance, additional guidance, you can email me at hello at Tiffany have experienced calm or you can go to the link that will be provided below. Also in my Instagram bio, and schedule a breakthrough session so that we might spend some time deciding how we can work together to ensure that you are reclaiming your life, staying focused moving forward, and preparing to make that impact and income. So Happy Thursday, happy first day of October. And hopefully from this episode, you have gotten some questions, some ideas, a great place to start with your reflection for the beginning of the end of the year, so that you can finish strong and don’t forget, of course, grab the link in the show notes to get access to the Reclaim Your Life Workbook. Please if you have not already, take some time, a moment or two and leave a review because when you do, you create room for another beginner who may be stuck right now to gain access to this community, to her guide and and to other beacons like you. So make sure wherever you’re listening, Apple podcasts, Google Play Spotify, leave a review. And of course I will leave you with this truth God is not going to play you but if you are not taking out the time to reflect and re commit You are plaYing yourself. be blessed.