Ep 1 | Cornerstone #1 Clarity: Faith + Focus are the Foundation

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Welcome to The Bounce Back Blueprint Community podcast – where you are challenged to be, do and have God’s best as you thrive on your journey from setback to success. I’m your BounceBack Guide, Tiffany Huff-Strothers and I’ll be sharing biblical truths, tips and tools about how I was able to rebuild my life following homelessness, heartbreak, domestic violence and bankruptcy.

But God.

I wrote an award winning book about how I rebuilt my life with God first – and ever since I shared my story my life and the lives on women around the world have been forever changed. As a member of the Bounce Back Blueprint Community -I’m called to teach you to do the same.

This podcast is part bible study, part healing space, part guided journal exercises and I also will help you break through the myth of writer’s block to share your powerful testimony of overcoming and rebuilding your life to build a business an an authorpreneur.

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What I know for sure is if you lack clarity on this here bounce back journey, you will experience setback after setback. And that is why Clarity is Cornerstone #1: the importance of faith and focus.

Hey there beacons, welcome home to the bounce back blueprint community podcast. I’m your Bounce Back Guide, Tiffany Huff-Strothers. And I am so excited to be your guide as you thrive on the journey from setback to impact and income.

Let’s dig into cornerstone number one, clarity: faith and focus. So listen, here’s what I know for sure. And I’ve learned this even with more certainty over the last several years as I was guiding women, excuse me at my Coffee and Clarity experiences. If you are lacking clarity, you will find yourself consistently climbing the wrong ladders and frustrated with the experience of having to climb down the wrong ladder and start at the bottom of the right ladder. And so I wanted to share from my heart with you as you kick off your bounce back journey with us here to ensure that you understand the importance of starting this journey with clarity, with faith and with focus.

In order to do that, what you need to know, what is very important is that you have to be famous at home first. Now I’m gonna take a pause for a second and give you a moment to grab your journal if you don’t have it already. Because you don’t want to miss out on these jewels. Yes, you need to be famous at home first. And you’re probably thinking, What are you talking about? Tiffany? Why would I need to be famous at home? Well, I’m glad you asked. I learned this lesson myself after bumping my head several times. And I’d like to think that I’ve taken one for the team, Sis, so you don’t have to go back through this. I’ve already grown through it.

Here’s what I need you to know: being famous at home first is not about collecting accolades. It’s not about recognition. It’s not about likes or comments or followers. It is about having and setting the foundation where your faith is most important, and you are focused on God to lead God excuse me to lead you to where he would have you to go to make the most impact. And if he calls you to it, income as well. This is what being famous at home first is all about. It’s about that solid foundation, it’s about investing in the clarity you need to be, and to do, and to have all that God has called you to.

And there are levels to this.

Level number one of being famous at home first is about being famous with God. And what does that mean? I don’t want you to perceive this to mean that you have to do anything extra for God to love you, for God to bless you, for him to be there for you and for him to provide the peace that surpasses all understanding that he tells us is ours in His Word. No, that’s not what I’m saying. What I am saying is that in order for you to have the clarity you need to be and do and have all he’s called you to; in order for you to thrive on this bounce back journey. You need to be famous at home with God meaning that you have a solid relationship with him, knowing that he is your source, connecting with him consistently to make sure that you are aligned with all that is divine within you. This is about as he says in his word in Matthew 6:33, seeking the kingdom first. It’s about having the clarity and understanding that you are a divine being. I’m so excited, I’m tripping over my words, you are a divine being and God is your source. And before anything else what is most important is that you are connected to your source, that you are hearing from him that you are communing with him and that you are creating space for him in every area of your life every day of your life. That’s what it means to be famous at home first, it means that when you are uncertain you are going to the throne. It means that when you wake up every day, you know that because you are made in His image and likeness that you are going to execute in excellence the way that he would. It means that when you wake up in the morning, you seek your clarity and focus by creating an atmosphere of abundance for him to come in and dwell with you to lead and to guide you. And it also means that before you go to people, you go to God It means that You do exactly what Matthew 6:33 says and what it says is,

but Seek ye first the kingdom and his righteousness
and all these things will be given to you as well.

And so it means that you are seeking God first knowing that as long as you have that focus and that faith in him, that everything else will come after. Now in doing so, he may give you some directives, and likely he will give you some directives. And you will need to follow through with those for that scripture to be made manifest. But I want you to understand that on this bounce back journey, God is the author and the finisher of your bounce back blueprint. And if you aren’t famous at home with him first, then you will be looking for a headliner. or excuse me, you will be looking for co signers. And you don’t need a cosigner when God is your headliner, okay? You just need to be famous at home with him first.
So that’s level one famous at home with God.

Level Two is famous in your body. And you’re probably like what? famous in your body? Our bodies are not our own, they are on loan to us from God, right? He has given us this place to dwell while we are here on earth. And that means that we need to care for our vessels, our bodies, our being in ways that will glorify God, the Word says that your body is the temple where the Holy Spirit dwells, right? And that means you need to be consistently asking yourself, before you consume anything, is this something that the Holy Spirit is going to want to dwell with within me? Before you go a place, is this a place where the holy spirit within me wants to be? before you commune or get intimate with someone? Is this something that will honor the Holy Spirit within me, intimately, right, you want to be honoring your body as the temple that God has created it to be that means that what you eat should honor God. It means that you know that you are exercising and keeping yourself fit to honor God, it means that you are getting necessary rest, to honor God and the spirit within you. Right. And again, this is very important foundationally because we want the clarity to do the thing, right? We want the clarity to go out and to serve His people and to move the mission and to make that impact and make that income. But if you aren’t famous at home first, if you aren’t prioritizing your spiritual health and your physical health, then everything else is going to be compromised, because you will constantly be distracted with dealing with problems as they arise.

But, if you are leading with knowing that your body is a temple where the Holy Spirit dwells, then you are going to be setting a foundation. That does not mean that you won’t have any health challenges. It does not mean that there won’t be any struggles. But the Word says that no weapon formed against you shall prosper. When you are practicing being famous at home first in your body, it means that you are being diligent and having the foresight to know that you do not want to be the weapon that is forming against yourself.

Catch that: You don’t want to be the weapon that is forming against yourself. And so, that is why it is so important to be famous at home in your body.

Level three of being famous at home first is actually being famous at home, where you live right that means that you are prioritizing your family if you are married that means you are prioritizing your husband you are submitting to your husband, you are investing so that that God is honored by the Union and the return on that investment is bringing glory to God and also moving whatever mission and vision he is assigned and called the both of you to forward. It means that you are prioritizing the investment of your children right? It means that you are taking that investment very seriously because when you stand before God he is going to ask you if you have done all that you need to do with what he assigned you to do. That is why you have to prioritize being famous at home first in your home. And to take it a step further. It also means that you are famous at home with caring for your living quarters, right? It means that you’ve set a solid foundation for being a good steward over the home or the apartment or Even if you’re living in a room somewhere that you are stewarding the space, and again, cultivating that atmosphere of abundance where he and the Holy Spirit want to dwell with you consistently, so that you can consistently wake up and move and be and live with clarity with your faith and focus. That’s what being famous at home first means. It means that you are building a solid foundation, with the things and the people and the spaces that are most important before you even consider sharing your story before you write a word before you post on Instagram or Facebook before you spray your perfume before you go out the door.

I want to challenge you to consider if you are famous at home first in these three areas, and I want to just give you three, key areas that will be indicative of whether or not you’re famous at home first. I’ve already alluded to the one and that is creating an atmosphere of abundance.

When you wake up in the morning, are you creating space for the Holy Spirit? To be welcomed in? Right? When you open your mouth? Do you speak abundance? Right? Or do you have a mindset of lack? Are you constantly looking for and asking for more and overlooking the truth that abundance in your is your birthright? When we are born right? As long as our respiratory systems have fully developed? We need we are breathing right we are taking in oxygen. And in most cases, oxygen is our birthright, right? We don’t say okay, there’s so much oxygen in the living room, there’s so much oxygen, oxygen in the dining room. We don’t compartmentalize oxygen. But so often we find ourselves compartmentalizing abundance. And it’s most likely because you are lacking the clarity and focus to know that abundance is your birthright. God gave it to you the moment he breathed air into your lungs. And so I want you to take some time and consider and reflect and be honest with yourself as you consider being famous at home.

First, I want you to think about how you have been the weapon formed against you being able to cultivate and maintain your app atmosphere of abundance, where have you allowed lack to consume the space that God would like to dwell in, that he wants to use to build you up as you are building this bounce back blueprints so that you might thrive on the journey.

The second thing is, I want you to consider inner dominion. Like I said, your body is the place where the Holy Spirit dwells right? That means that you have to have some convictions that are going to lead you to correct some of the things that contributed to whatever your setback was, right? That means as a result of what you’ve learned, you’re going to set some boundaries, and you’re going to have some non negotiables that are going to prevent you from having to relive and re experience some of those things habitually. So where do you need to set some boundaries? Now today, as you saw, solidify your foundation? Who have you been allowing to move your boundaries because of who they are or what they’ve represented in your life? Where have you been willing to negotiate those things you have agreed with God would be non negotiables as you serve Him and as he moves you forward to be and do and have all he’s called you to listen, God is not gonna play you. But I can assure you that if you refuse to set some boundaries, and maintain your non negotiables says, You are playing your self, inner dominion is key to being famous at home first.

And last, but certainly not least, you want to be intentional and committed to executing with excellence. Again, we are made in the image and likeness of God. God does not selectively do things in excellence, right? He created the moon and the stars and the sun and the birds and he even created man and he did not create any of those less than excellently and he has an expectation for you to do the same. Be mindful that I am not saying God has called you to perfection, because that is not the word of God. Right. What I am saying though, is that we should not expect God to bless anything less than our best. Let me repeat that so you can catch it. We should not expect God to bless anything less than our best. And I am saying that the standard of excellence has already been set by God. Your best is not to be measured by the woman next to you in front of you or behind you because the truth is that there is no competition in the kingdom. Right now as you build this foundation as you solidify, clarity as you begin to recognize the importance of faith and focus, you need to focus on doing your best and making sure that God has something to bless. This is integral to being famous at home first.

And so I want to challenge and encourage you to spend some time reflecting in your journal, as you take a walk maybe during this week, or in your quiet time with God and really consider where he is stretching you or calling you to grow forth on those levels of being famous at home first, perhaps, you know, deep down in your heart that while he has called you to make an impact in an income, there are some in consistencies in your relationship with him. Perhaps you know that you haven’t been taking the best care of your body, physically, mentally, emotionally, and because of that you aren’t able to execute an excellence and cultivate that atmosphere of abundance because you don’t even feel abundant in your body. Get honest with yourself, and seek God get that wisdom and move accordingly. And finally, maybe you are lacking in your household and your chores, right in the maintenance, and being a steward of what he has blessed you with. You know, not necessarily stewarding your bills and finances right maybe you’re not being as diligent with claiming regularly write, letting some dust collect and settle. And I want to encourage you that dust settles but Daughters of the Most High God do not. And so I really want you to spend some time not to feel guilty not to shame yourself. But if you feel convicted in any of these areas, then be encouraged because conviction inspires correction. And God is preparing you for what is to come.

Again as your bounce back guide. I am called to equip you to thrive on this journey of moving from setback to impact and income. And so let’s dig into this cornerstone of clarity so that you might do just that. And if you need support in doing so, then I highly recommend you click the link below and join the bounce back blueprint community. It is a sacred space where you will form covenant connections, where you will be challenged and encouraged to grow forward and thrive on your bounce back journey. It is the launch pad for you to build your bounce back blueprint and begin to live the life God has called you to don’t think about it, don’t hesitate, join the community now. And even more you will have the opportunity to dig into these cornerstones even further in the community with some like minded women.

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Thank you so much for being here with me. I pray that you were blessed. And before I leave you I want to tell you that I love you and to remember, God is not gonna play you. But if you are not investing and being famous at home first, you’re playing yourself. Stay tuned for Cornerstone number two courage