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We can work together 1:1 to Develop + Implement

Your Personal Bounce Back Blueprint

Aren’t you tired of struggling in silence and pretending you have it all figured out?

Haven’t you had enough of feeling like even when you do #allofthethings, it never changes anything?

Have you gone as far as you can on your own to recover and rebuild?

I’ve been there, and I can help.

Rebuilding your life from the ground up is hard but it’s NOT IMPOSSIBLE.  I’ve been blessed to rebuild my life following bankruptcy, homelessness, being shot and learning to walk AGAIN while teaching my infant son to walk.

What I know for sure is, getting back up when you’ve been knocked down harder than you ever imagined requires unshakeable faith, grace + grit.

It’s ALL ABOUT gaining clarity, and the courageous commitment to DOING THE WORK necessary to be, do + have all you were called and created to.

    If you’re ready to bounce back, and reclaim your life + power, I’m ready to work with you.





    When’s the last time you worked with someone who left you feeling like you could do ANYTHING?

    Meet Your Bounce Back Guide

    Hi, I’m Tiffany Huff-Strothers, Wife, Mom, Evangelist + Mentor for Women.  My work with Coffee+Clarity made me an Award Winning Entrepreneur, and sharing my truth made me an Award Winning Author.


    Before I was 30 I’d invested nearly a decade building a career I didn’t want and pouring into a tumultuous relationship that was suffocating my spirit, and nearly killed me when it ended with a bang – literally. (Spoiler alert: I wrote a book about it!)

    After years of habitual job hopping, in 2014 I took the ultimate leap of faith, trusting God when I was called to quit my full time job to pursue my life’s work – helping women like you bounce back from your worst setback and climb to success –according to God’s plan for your life. Learn More

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