When is the last time you celebrated yourself?

When is the last time you gave yourself permission to clap for yourself – even if nobody else was clapping?

Today I’m offering you a little tough love in an effort to remind you of the greatness God has placed within you.  The truth is, not everyone will recognize your greatness every step of the way.

But God.

When your confidence is in Christ, and you know He is within you – having confidence and celebrating what he is doing in and through you – even when nobody else is doing so, is powerful and affirming.  Some people are caught up in the hype – some people are clapping for crap and as a daughter of the most High – you don’t have time for that!

This week’s episode is being brought to you by The Bounce Back Blueprint Community. A safe space with likeminded Christian women where you can find your voice and build a business with your story.  Join us here.

Scriptures Mentioned:

Joshua 1:6-9

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