How do you bounce back from your own trauma and personal pandemics in the midst of national pandemics?

How do you find the power within you to pivot both personally and professionally when it feels like your entire world has crashed?

What do you do when your business and livelihood is stripped away, overnight?

This week Tiffany is chatting with Karlett Hewitt about how to purposefully pivot and reignite your power and reclaim your life.  She shares how she shifted from panic to purpose and power after a series of extremely traumatic losses.  When she was in her darkest place – her son told her: Mommy You gotta GET UP! And by the grace of God – she did.  Tune in as Karlett shares her POWERFUL story.

About Karlett:

Understanding the power of instincts, Karlet Hewitt’s credible judgment has positioned her as a top connoisseur in business development and strategy. Coupled with her deep reservoir of experience and skill, her commitment to exceptional results is unwavering. As the founder of The Purpoint Group, Hewitt provides sound counsel to a wide-range of clientele in the entertainment, medical and lifestyle industries.

“Put yourself in position to win on purpose,” she constantly recites; understanding that no one is going to recognize you or create your opportunities, you absolutely have to create them for yourself.

In 2015, Hewitt built that table and gave herself a seat as the founder of The Purpoint Group. Starting as a lifestyle agency for entrepreneurs, The Purpoint Group has expanded to service individual brands, key influencers, entrepreneurs and small-mid sized business owners. Based in the Greater New York area, Hewitt and her team provide front to back business solutions and strategies, inclusive of event planning, publicity support, branding and technology development.

Key Takeaways

  • Sometimes we are prepared for pandemics by the storms that precede them
  • Sometimes grief sends us into fight or flight mode
  • Even when our worlds are flipped upside down, we still have to show up for ourselves
  • Sometimes we think staying busy is a solution to all of our problems and pandemics
  • Some losses are easier to manage if we are prepared for them
  • As a mother our first instinct is always to protect + care for our children
  • Sometimes the only solution is to keep moving
  • Creating and having a support system in the midst of personal pandemics is critical
  • When you have nothing else, you have your faith. You have to cling to it.
  • You have to create community in spaces outside of your immediate family and circle of friends
  • Indirect support and community are the places that fill you up when you are empty
  • People are waiting to help you if you will open your mouth and tell them your needs
  • Be willing to let your communities of women know when you need help – online, professional development,
  • When you are by yourself It is so important to have a journal and let God know your needs
  • Its really easy to carry out a decision for someone else
  • God will not bless what He did not call you to create
  • When you get into a wrestling match with God and you’re winning – you’re losing
  • God knows what you need before you need it in preparation for personal pandemics
  • The process of preparing to pivot is ongoing in the midst of pandemics
  • Seeking mentorship and building a team to navigate in pivots is extremely important
  • You have to declare what you want, write It down and ASK for it!
  • When you’re in position with purpose – with pivot isn’t as challenging
  • Taking up space, ask the hard questions
  • Everyday you have to go to God and ask – what gifts are we using today?
  • You have to know what you are rooted in so that when time gets hard you know where to lean
  • If you aren’t positioned in purpose and recruit a team – your ship will sink
  • Conviction inspires correction
  • Obey God, Period. Not knowing what is on the other side of it
  • You don’t have to balance faith with anything else – your faith is part of you in totality
  • When you don’t know what to do – do the next best thing
  • Not doing the next best thing will keep you feeling like you’re stuck

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