Have you been imagining others curling up with your book, a hot beverage, and being lost in the power of your words?

Today is National Author’s Day – the perfect day to get a tag on social media or an Amazon review about how powerful your story is, how impactful its on other’s lives.

Except – you still haven’t written your book.

Today’s episode is packed with some tough love – we are digging into 7 reasons why you still haven’t written your book – or books – and how you can defeat these lies and distractions once and for all so that next year you and I can celebrate National Authors Day – together!

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Scriptures Mentioned:

Philippians 4:13

Matthew 6:33

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Hey beacon, welcome home to your bounce back blueprint community Podcast, where you are challenged to be do and have God’s best. As you thrive on your journey from setback to success. I’m your bounce back guide, Tiffany Huff-Strothers. And I’ll be guiding you on the journey by sharing tips, tools, and the T on how I was able to bounce back from escaping death, healing from heartbreak and finding hope in homelessness. And then I wrote an award winning book all about it, and shout out to God, ever since I was courageous enough to share my story. My life and the lives of women around the world have been forever changed. And as a member of the bounce back blueprint community, I’m called to teach you to do the same. So grab your journal, and let’s build this blueprint.

Hey, beacon. Hey, did you know that Today is National authors day? Yes, it’s national authors day. So that’s why I’m coming through to bless you on this Sunday. Because you know that I am usually here on Wednesdays and Saturdays. But today is a special day. And so I wanted to make sure that we acknowledge it here. So in this bonus episode, I want to give you a little bit of tough love today, I want to talk to you a bit about why you haven’t done it. And by it, I mean, why you haven’t written your book, why you aren’t celebrating national authors day as an author. But first, I want you to tell me, why aren’t you an author? Why isn’t today a day for you to celebrate, you know, is the last quarter of the year and what the last quarter of the year comes reflection on how you’ve used your gifts before we get into the holiday season, and start buying actual gifts, right. And so since I’ve been challenging you around sharing your story, I thought now was as good a time as any to reiterate to you that the lies you’ve been telling yourself do not have to defeat you. Even if you have been temporarily distracted, or your plan has been temporarily delayed. That doesn’t mean you can’t still become an author, right? Sometimes you need a reminder, though. And this is your reminder, right? I want you to remember Philippians 413, which is you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. And when I think about Philippians 413 I think about this truth, based on that scripture, I am limitless. I like nothing. And knowing I like nothing makes me limitless as long as Of course, I and you are living according to God’s purpose and plan for our lives. So back to that question, why haven’t you become an author yet? God is not gonna play you. But when you know better, and you’re not doing better, you’re playing yourself. So if you know that God has called you to share your story, become an author to bless others, and build other people up and change the world. Then, what’s the holdup? You know that seven in the Bible represents completion and perfection. And so on this Sunday, for this bonus episode, I am sharing with you seven reasons why you haven’t written your book yet seven reasons why you’re not an author yet, I’m holding the mirror up for you. So you can really see yourself the way that God sees you. And you can accept the truth that he chose you. And he will clothe you to be and do and have all that is necessary on your journey to becoming an author. So without further ado, let’s dig into these seven reasons.

Number one, you’re too focused on the outcome. And what do I mean by that? When we are moving in purpose and on person, purpose, the reason we are doing it is much bigger than for the sake of others to see what we’ve done, or for others to give us a pat on the back, right? It’s bigger than making money by writing a book. It’s bigger than you know what other people may think. And so you’ve got to know the real reason why you’re writing this story so that you can maintain both the motivation and the momentum to cross that finish line. Your perspective may be good by living for what will happen once you get done right. So if all you’re focused on is the book being completed, then it could actually be making it harder for you to do the work versus Here’s how this will be impactful as you write it, right, you’ve got to learn to enjoy the journey, or you’ll never make it to the destination. And so if you’ve been so focused on the outcome, and you haven’t been able to find the joy in the journey, then I want to encourage you to take some time in this season to reflect on that, so that you can course correct and get back on track to move forward. Second reason why you haven’t become an author, this is one of the ones that I hear most often from my client, and that is, you’re afraid, too often you spend time preparing for failure, or planning not to lose when you should be planning to win, right? You’re afraid of what might go wrong, when you should be empowering yourself, to be prepared for success, whatever that looks like. Fear always, will allow you to become inundated with distractions like other people’s opinions, and you begin praying prayers of procrastination out of fear, when you should be praying prayers from your faith. Right? Let me repeat that. When we get afraid we pray prayers of procrastination, as opposed to our prayers being rooted in our faith, you may be afraid, nobody will read your book, or nobody will buy your book, or somebody will say it’s not a good book. And so you don’t write it. And I want you to write down all of the reasons why you’re afraid, right? So I want you to make a list of butts. And then I want you to make a list of breakthroughs, right? Because What you don’t want is for your butt, and your fears to keep you from your breakthrough. And so I want you to think about for your breakthrough, all of the things that will be amazing if you write your book, and then I want you to think about all of the fears that you have. And I want you to see how much bigger those breakthroughs are than your fears. And I really want you to spend some time on that activity and looking at your list. And keep it somewhere front and center. So that you have a reminder of all of the breakthroughs that are pending, as you day by day, step by step, do the work to finish this book.

Number three, you’re unclear on your why you haven’t written the book, because you have no idea who you want to read it, you aren’t speaking because you don’t know what to say, right? You have gifts and talents, but you haven’t been seeking God about how to use them in the most powerful and impactful way. And if you haven’t already, I encourage you to go back and listen to the two episodes about writer’s block, because a lot of times what is a lack of clarity manifests itself as writer’s block. And so I want to encourage you to stop looking around and start looking up. Because God is the only one who can turn your mess into a message. He’s the only one who can give power to turn your test into your testimony. And if you’re willing to accept his why he will order your steps. And in this case, he will order your fingers as you type are right. And your gifts will certainly make room for you in this world. So you got to seek God first, to get that clarity on your why you know it is the real life application of Matthew 633. Seek first the kingdom and all other things, not some not a little bit, all other things will be added to you. So if you’re lacking that clarity, then I encourage you to seek God. Number four, you’re not being authentic. Why? In the words of L Boogie, how you going to win if you ain’t right within authentic is the new awesome, right. And one of the challenges that I hear my clients share often is that when they start to write their book, or their story doesn’t sound like anything that they’ve ever read, or, you know, it’s not flowing the way other books flow. And the reason is because it is your authentic story. If it sounded like every other book, then there would be no need for it. Your book should be written from your point of view, right? It should be written in your tone of voice, right? It is your secret sauce. That’s what separates it from everyone else’s story. You cannot duplicate what you see and expect that God is going to elevate who you pretend to be you can’t present something in authentic to the world and express for your story to give God glory. So I want to encourage you to Write your story your way. Number five, you think insert air quotes around think you think you don’t have time. The truth is you have time, you’re just choosing to spend it on other things than what you know you are called created and purpose to do, likely because it is going to take work, and you are lacking the discipline. We make time for the things and people most important to us. What you don’t have time for is what you are doing to fill the space God has given you to create manifest and be blessed by the power of your story. Don’t get caught up with investing your time and people and things that give you no return and end up overspent and exhausted. And especially as we are coming up on the holiday season. This is really important, right? It may be helpful for you for the next week or two to do a time audit, and really reflect on where you are spending your time and then look at where you’re spending your time. And consider how that aligns with your values are you spending the most time in the areas of your values are on the things that are most important to you? Right? I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with Netflix and chilling. But when Netflix and chilling becomes a lifestyle, or it becomes an idol to the extent that it is preventing you from doing the things you know God has called you to do, then there’s some revaluation that needs to happen. You do have time. And I will leave you with this as it relates to time. If you’re not doing what’s most important, you’re doing what’s most important. Catch that. Okay, number six, you don’t believe you can you have consistently convinced yourself that you are not called to be an author, you are not called to have a best selling book, you are not called to do the work that will come with you writing an amazing book. And so you don’t start or you start and stop and you start and stop, and it’s become a vicious cycle for you. Instead of sharing your gifts, you’ve, you’ve begun to hoard them, you become enslaved to them to the extent that your potential begins to torment you. And listen, I am sharing these truths, from personal experience, in addition to the women that I work with, I know what it’s like to carry around a story inside of you for years. In fact, I carry mine around for 10 years. And I can tell you that that is not the life God wanted for me. And it’s certainly not the life that he has created you for he has blessed you so that you can be a blessing he has brought us through so that we can be the vessels and the beacons that are the light to lead others through their breakthrough. And so I want to remind you of this truth so you can get it deep down in your spirit. If he chose you, he will clothe you, that means you lack nothing. It doesn’t matter if you look like an author. It doesn’t matter if other people think you deserve to be an author. It doesn’t matter if someone else does not agree with your truth. You can do all things through Christ who strengthen you, you are limitless, you like nothing. The only thing stopping you is your willingness to believe and take God at His Word. Okay, you got that? You can do this. You can do this. And last, but certainly not least, the reason you have not brought yourself across the finish line as an author is because you’re harboring unforgiveness. Yes, that’s right. You’re harboring unforgiveness. Usually you start and end here because unforgiveness packs so much baggage. It’s almost impossible for you to grow forward. If you’re carrying it. If you let it the distraction of unforgiveness will defeat you. And have you convinced that getting or staying bitter is more fruitful than choosing to be bitter. And I really want to challenge you on this one, to take some time and sit down and write a list of everything that you have not forgiven and that means What haven’t you forgiven yourself? For? What haven’t you forgiven others for? What haven’t you forgiven God for? Let’s get crystal clear on this. Let’s get really honest on this. Because if you haven’t forgiven yourself for the times, when you started writing the book and you stopped, then you won’t pick it up. Again, if you haven’t forgiven yourself for the decisions, or lack of decisions that brought you to facing some of the experiences that are part of your testimony, then you won’t give yourself permission to write through them. If there is someone who was part of your story that you haven’t forgiven for what they did or did not do, it makes it even more challenging for you to write through those pieces of your story so that it is powerful, and you are telling it with the voice of a victor. And if we’re being honest, if you aren’t willing to admit that you are angry, or you have some unforgiveness for God, because of what he allowed you to grow through, or because of what he allowed to challenge you, then you aren’t even going to recognize or be willing to believe that he can turn your mess into a message. And so I want to really, like I said, I’m challenging you to take some time and get honest with yourself and just dump out everything that you are carrying the weight of unforgiveness about. And then take some time and write letters of forgiveness. You don’t have to give them to anyone, you don’t have to show them to anyone, like your journal writing these letters are in a judgment free zone, and it’s between you and the Lord, whatever you write down, but do it for you. Forgiveness isn’t about anyone else. It’s about you. It’s about setting yourself free. It’s about releasing yourself to be and do and have all that God has called you to. And it’s also about those who would be receiving a blessing because of you once your book is available for the world. And I just want you to consider that your story has a soundtrack. And you don’t want it to be the one that is full of unforgiveness. Because if you play a soundtrack over and over, it becomes your theme music, right. And what I know for sure is when you are willing to surrender and let God create your playlists. Forgiveness becomes a sweet serenade. You can’t be open to receiving, if your hands are full of forgiveness, or excuse me of unforgiveness for yourself, for God or for anyone else. There is so much power and growth and grieving and letting go. And so I am going to challenge you to do so. So let’s recap. Let’s recap so that you can take some time and work through each of these seven reasons. And next year, you will be celebrating national authors day with me, maybe we’ll have a party. So number one reason why you aren’t celebrating national authors day today, you’re too focused on the outcome. Number two, you’re afraid. Number three, you are unclear on your why. Number four, you’re not being authentic. Number five, you think you don’t have time. Number six, you don’t believe you can. And number seven, you’re harboring unforgiveness. I came through today to encourage you and to remind you that the truth never goes out of style. And if you’re wrapping up the year, allowing these lies about your time about the power and unforgiveness or being authentic, stop you.

It’s time for you to do this work and faith and really cling tightly to the truth that that you need to embrace and those truths are that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you, that if you seek the kingdom first all other things will be added to you and that God has chosen you for this God has called you and is ready to work with you to turn your test into a testimony. You lack nothing and knowing you lack nothing makes you limitless in Christ. And so I just want to encourage you right now that you will give yourself permission to defeat these distractions to eliminate the excuses and to begin to make your work of writing this book your worship and offering to God. And in an effort to help you do so I have a treat for you. I have updated the writer unblocked training This training is especially for you, if you’re struggling with any of the seven reasons that I just shared. Or if you have been feeling blocked or, like you’re not, you don’t know where to start and you’re unable to work through the process of getting clear on your story and your message and the power of what God has for you through sharing your story, then this training is for you. And guess what? It’s free 99 you can click the link in the show notes, or go to bit.li slash writer unblocked training, and get instant access to both the workbook and the audio training. So go ahead over and grab your training. And don’t forget, if you haven’t already, be sure to leave a rating or review. Because when you do you create more opportunities for other beacons just like you to be blessed by the bounce back blueprint, podcast and the community. Of course, I will leave you with this. God is not going to play you. But if you aren’t willing to call out those things that you need to concoct to conquer. Then you are playing your self. Until next time, be blessed.