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I’m excited to introduce you to the amazingness of Amanda Chils.

Since a ripe young age Amanda had been told that she was “so unique” and that she’d “have trouble with authority.” She should have known then that I would become my own boss #fulltimehustler. Amanda built a business helping others to use their unique gifts to heal themselves and create a life they love living – healing from trauma and tapping into your intuition. As a self proclaimed MeEO, she teaches women how to feel better by feeling, better.  She so strongly believes that people are more powerful than their circumstances that she built a business teaching women how to tap into the root of their own power and intuition to heal themselves and thrive.Amanda teaches women the path to healing your mental, physical and spiritual health.
We talk about Amanda’s journey to becoming a MeEO and also how her own traumatic experience through a tumultuous relationship and divorce forced her to embrace the truth will set you free.
Not only is Amanda dropping gems on how to step into radical honesty when it’s hard – she’s also gifting you with a tool to destress on the journey. You can grab it here.  And you can tune into Amanda’s podcast The Root of Power here.

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