Has 2020 left you feeling stuck wondering if your tests will ever lead to a testimony?

Well, today I am introducing you to the phenomenal Jasmene Bowdry, who after quitting one job and then being fired from another job has built an award winning boutique business and is teaching others to do the same.  We talk about everything from depression to faith, from failing in private to success on your own terms.  Jasmene’s tests have certainly become her testimony and if you’re in a rut and don’t know what to do – this episode will definitely bless you.

Jasmene Bowdry is a fashion and retail leader with over 12 years of experience from corporate companies to entrepreneurial endeavors. She is the owner of SHIFT StyleHouse®, a contemporary clothing boutique for the modern renaissance woman.  Her work has been featured in Macy’s, Sarah Jakes Roberts, and Tyra Banks.  Jasmene prides herself on being formally educated in the fashion world and experientially educated in the entrepreneurial world. She is known for her clear-cut and focused teaching approach for building successful retail businesses. In 2018 Jasmene launched The Boutique TeacherTM alongside her signature program, Breakout FashionistaTM where she serves emerging boutique owners.

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Scriptures Mentioned:

Philippians 4:13

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