Let’s Talk About Your Word of the Year…

Have you considered the fullness of your word of the year?

You may need to pull out the dictionary and get familiar with ALL of the meanings of your word, to grasp the full context of it.

It may be that you need to spend a bit more time in reflection and prayer to get a better understanding of your word and how it applies to your life holistically.  AND in fact, this reflection and prayer may lead to the revelation that you may have selected the wrong word for the year.  Give yourself permission to begin again – because what is most important is you’re in alignment.

Your journey this year will be a reflection of your ability to embrace the ENTIRETY of your word for 2021.

As yourself, WHO do I have to become to really grow through the power of my word for this year?

Be open to what you’ll learn and how you’re word will STRETCH you even beyond the way you expected it to.

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