This episode is part of “The Lies We Tell Ourselves” Series.

Today’s guest is Stephanie Cooper. Stephanie and I connected via Black Girls Do on Clubhouse, and she and realized we have a lot in common.  I knew she would be a great woman to chat with about how there is room at the table for all of us to eat and be served.  Stephanie and I talk about the truth that there are too many people with unmet needs for us to compete, the power of partnerships, why NOW is the time to embrace collaboration over competition and how to move past your fears to hop in the DM’s or send an email to the woman or women you would like to collaborate with.

Stephanie Cooper is a published Author, Podcast Host, Teen Mentor, and Coach. She is very passionate about helping women become the best version of themselves through healing and changing their mindset to manifest the life they want.  You can listen to her podcast here, connect with her on Instagram and get a copy of her book.

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Tiffany: Hey beacon, welcome home to your bounce back blueprint community Podcast, where you are challenged to do and have God’s best. As you thrive on your journey from setback to success. I’m your bounce back guide, Tiffany Huff-Strothers. And I’ll be guiding you on the journey by sharing tips, tools, and the T on how I was able to bounce back from escaping death, healing from heartbreak and finding hope in homelessness. And then I wrote an award winning book all about it, and shout out to God, ever since I was courageous enough to share my story. My life and the lives of women around the world have been forever changed. And as a member of the bounce back blueprint community, I’m called to teach you to do the same. So grab your journal, and let’s build this blueprint. 

Tiffany: Hey, before we start building the blueprint this week, I wanted to take a moment or two to check in with you. I know that for some of us 2020 knocked us down so hard, we don’t know how or where to even begin as we try and get back up. And I want you to know that you don’t have to grow through it alone. Trust me, I have seen the lowest of the low bankruptcy, homelessness, domestic violence, you name it. And you know what, by the grace of God, I got back up, and I came back better than ever, and I want to support you in doing the same. So if you are in need of some support, to build your back, Bounce Back Blueprint, and really get things done in 2021. So that you can do and have all that God has called you to schedule your session and let’s get to the breakthrough. You can grab the link in the show notes or go to slash your bounce back guide. Now let’s get into this week’s episode. 

Tiffany: As we continue our series, the lies we tell ourselves. The next installment in our series the lives we tell ourselves, you are really going to enjoy today’s guest. She is a powerhouse. Her name is Stephanie Cooper. And we are busting through the life that I can’t do it because she’s doing it. So before Stephanie and I help you build the blueprint this week. Let me tell you a bit about the powerhouse that is going to bless you today. Stephanie Cooper is a published author, podcast host of broken into beautiful. She’s the teen mentor and a coach. She’s very passionate about helping women become the best version of themselves through healing and changing their mindset to manifest the life they want. Stephanie and I met over in the clubhouse in the black girls do club. She’s a moderator over there. And she is phenomenal at community building and supporting and encouraging and challenging women. So without further ado, I want to say thank you so much, Stephanie, for being here and welcome to the podcast.

Stephanie: Thank you. Thank you. That was an awesome introduction more than I like hey..

Tiffany: Well, let’s get on to my introduction. Please tell the audience who you are beyond the bio.

Stephanie: Oh man beyond the bio. I am a kind of a nerd. So I have a degree in science. I love science. I’m a comic girl Marvel DC Star Trek artists. I love it all this when I’m binge watching on the weekends, Netflix and CBS and everything. That’s what I’m watching some kind of sci fi thing because that’s my thing. Um, yeah, let’s see. I have two dogs. I have a Yorkie and a new puppy. Her name is Chloe. She’s a pitbull.


she’s very sweet. Um, and that’s it. No, not married. No children.

Tiffany: Comic girl.

Stephanie: Yes, I love it. Let me tell you what I used to live in New Orleans, we were a part of this group called geek girl squad. And so we would do branches or just meet up. So let’s say like the new wonder woman movie was coming out pre COVID. We would get together make costumes and all kinds of stuff and get dressed. We have brunch and get dressed up and Wonder Woman and any other kind of superhero outfits and go to the movies and brunch in those. 

Tiffany: Oh, I love that. That sounds like a really good time. And I’m sure it’s always a good conversation starter. Like, What are y’all doing? Where are y’all from? Where are y’all going? Right? People always ask stuff like that. That’s cool. I like it. I don’t know that I am acquainted with anybody who majored in science. So what did you think you want it to be when you grew up?

Stephanie: So I wanted to be just like most little girls, I want to be a doctor. Be a pediatrician. So I actually went into the military before I went to college. And when I went into the military, I became a chemist in the military. And so after I got out of the military, I went straight to college and got a degree in biology and chemistry. And just I’ve been working in different I didn’t go to medical school, I was too afraid to take the MCAT. That’s a whole nother conversation. But I did stick to the public health and healthcare field. And so I’ve been working in laboratories doing toxicology, and pharma, pharmacology and different types of science things. I’ve had science programs, I’ve been a director of a science camp for kids. I just, I love science. I don’t have children, and you’ll catch me at home making slime.

Tiffany: I love it. I think it’s a great interest to have. And I think that is done. It’s a dynamic field to be in. It was just never my thing I can remember in high school doing the chemistry experiment over and over again, my friend and I and we were in the quote unquote, gifted classes. But we just weren’t into science. So there’s that. Here he is, with all that said, how you segwayed into the lane that you are now broken into beautiful, so maybe you can share a little bit with us about your transition, and you’re broken into a beautiful story.

Stephanie: Well, I mean, with my love of science, I’ve always also had a love and a passion for children and women is this like, you can’t choose for me. It’s like Lay’s potato chips. You can’t choose this one. I like both sides of the world. And so while I worked in service, I was always doing childcare, I had my own little childcare business on the side, making some nice little money. Just doing childcare, and babysitting and tutoring and things like that. And then I became a mentor for teen girls pregnant, teen moms. And I feel like a forgotten demographic that people don’t really talk about much, but it’s so many of them out there. And they really touched my heart. So I started mentoring them about four or five years ago, and broke into beautiful. I got that title some years ago. And I thought it would be a book because I’ve already wrote a book a 30 day devotional for women. It’s called delete the column little girl I said, you get up, I call it my 30 day motivational devotional kind of get you together and get you straight. So you can get up and go do what you’re supposed to do. And so broken into beautiful was given to me. And so I thought it would be another book title just didn’t know how, when, where, what, whatever. And what happened was in 2008, when I got divorced. And along with that divorce came a whole bunch of other stuff like job loss, like can consecutive job loss, like I lost like three or four jobs right behind each other. And so it was a journey for me. I’m coming out of my marriage being embarrassed and ashamed because it didn’t even last two years, it was like a month shy of two years. And I got a divorce. And so I relocated back to Atlanta, and kind of became this hermit crab and set in my shell and in my house and just kind of a lot of people didn’t even know I had moved back, because I was so embarrassed and ashamed of how my life was going because I’ve always been doing good. And so I wasn’t doing good. And I just didn’t want to. I didn’t want people to see that. And so I just had, and through that process, you know, a lot of things happen, like, just me being stressed and going through anxiety and depression. Because of everything that was going on with me. There was one point where I even considered suicide. And I just, it was a hard time for me like two years almost up to 2020 from 2018 to 2020. It was a hard journey for me. And I listened to Jessica Hurley. She has a podcast called the strength phase. And so I listened to her regularly. And one day on Instagram. She put up a post asking if you have a story to tell I love to help you start a podcast. So not really thinking of it. I just responded to her comments like, ooh, I’ve always thought of doing a podcast but I just didn’t know I don’t even know where to begin. And you know how sometimes you just respond to stuff. And you don’t expect people because they’re much bigger than you so you don’t expect them to respond, she responded. And she responded, and we connected, we talked on the phone, and she pretty much got me into starting a podcast, she was like, you have a voice, you have a story. And there’s so many women out there that need to hear your story that relate to your story. And they need to know that they aren’t alone. And so I was like, Okay, well, just let me think about it. Because he was going to be an investment. And at the time, of course, going through from job loss and little jobs, part time jobs, I’m like, how am I gonna make this work? You know, I’m always investing in other people and their companies, but I don’t really invest in myself. And so I decided to take the risk and invest in myself. And so I called Jessica back and said, I’m gonna do it. And as we were talking about titles and things like that, my profile’s name was already broken into beautiful, because I didn’t know what to do with the tiger, I just had it. So my profile’s name was already broken into beautiful. And when I told her about that, she was like, that’s it. That’s the title of your podcast broken into beautiful.

Tiffany: Such a beautiful journey. Of course, when you are going through it, growing through it, I’m sure it wasn’t as beautiful. But for that title to come full circle, it was almost like God gave you foresight about what was to come. And of course, being the humans that we are, and focused where we want to focus, I can totally see myself also thinking I was like, yep, that’s gonna be the book, not knowing that he has something completely different in store. Yes,

Stephanie:absolutely. is so

Tiffany: Amazing. And I love the title myself. So I can see why Jessica suggests or, you know, affirmed, I should say that that was the title. And that, you know, God had given to it to you a little earlier than you knew what it will be used for. Mm hmm. I just love how eloquently you are able to share your story and the work that you’re doing. And I want to be clear for the listeners, because of the lie that we’re busting through today about how we so often get caught up in, I can’t do it because she’s doing it or someone else already did it, you know, our work is very closely aligned. Because we do a lot of the same things, right, we both have podcasts, we both are sharing our own stories of overcoming and, you know, turning them around and using them for beauty and to help and impact others. We have both written the devotionals. We both are coaching, right. And even with all of that, we are here working together collaborating to make an impact and bust down this lie. And so I want you to speak to you know, what do you think about? Or what do you think is at the root of this slide, when people think that it’s a competition or that we can’t collaborate? Or even I just can’t do it, because Stephanie’s already doing it? What do you think is at the root of that?

Stephanie: That’s a mindset that I think started way before us, you know, where maybe back in times of, like, way back to slavery, maybe even you know, where people, they already had this and there was nobody else to do it. And usually people will work hard and get themselves up to a certain point. But they don’t pull anybody else with them. And they don’t help anybody else because of its like I want to say like obesity, but it’s the wealth of obesity, like you’re obese in wealth, and you don’t want to share it. You don’t want to help anybody get to where you are, I guess because of fear they might be better or something I have no idea. I

Tiffany: I definitely think that it is. It’s a lack of mindset. Right? Personally, I think that any lie that you allow to consume you and stop you is at the root of it. There’s a lack of mindset. And I also think that is some fear and insecurity. But it’s really even deeper than that. It’s about your own authenticity. If you’re not really aware of who you are unable to be authentic, then you’re constantly going to be looking around to see what other people are doing. or telling yourself that someone else is doing it better.

Stephanie: Yeah. And we have to change that to more of a community mindset.


Stephanie: We’re not just doing this for us, yes, we are going to benefit from it. But we also need to help bring along the others, our community where we came from, or other women that want to do the same thing. But they just don’t know how. And you’re more successful when you bring other people with you. And one of the things I actually interviewed Jessica, on my podcast, and before, in the introduction, I kept telling people, all right, y’all go check out her podcast, you know, and she was like, you know, you are where you belong, because most people will be afraid to tell someone else to go check out somebody else’s podcast, while they’re listening to yours. And I’m just like, I don’t, I don’t see the need for competition. I like to say there’s, there’s always room at the healing table. That means when you heal, you have a seat. And then there’s still the empty seat next to you. So you need to bring somebody else to heal people. And so there is always room at the healing table. For us. It’s never at full capacity. And so you can always bring people on board. And there’s like, we just got to get over the whole competing thing and collaborate, like imagine, imagine what it would be like to see a whole bunch of women collaborating with each other, even if they have the same type of business because somebody has something that relates to somebody else. So even though you and I are doing the same things, our audiences are probably different. Well, now our audiences are going to be combined. Because yes, that listen to me are not going to listen to you, the people that listen to you are now going to listen to me. But that’s only because we collaborated. But yes, even though we were doing the same thing. We have different audiences. That’s right.

Tiffany: People who are going to be who are going to connect to you more, there are some people who are going to connect to me more. But I think even more importantly, is the truth that I cannot help everybody who needs help. Yeah. So there are some people out there that need Stephanie and Stephanie can’t help everybody that needs help. So it makes more sense for us to work together to maximize our impact than to be competing or even shrinking ourselves down. Because we know that the other is, is there.

Stephanie: Yep. And that’s exactly why my podcast is the way it is. Although it’s Stephanie Cooper’s podcast, I like to say this is our podcast, because I bring other women on because not everybody is going to relate to my story. So to reach more women, I want to bring out other women that have other stories. And even if this story is similar to mine, they still reach out to one or two or 1000 people that I didn’t reach out to.

Tiffany: That’s right. And I and I think that we also need to recognize how powerful it is to have more than one perspective, right? Even if we did have very, very, very similar stories. Being able to hear your experience and being able to hear my experience is going to have greater impacts, people are going to have different perspectives, they have more solutions to consider, right? There’s more than one way to skin a cat. Isn’t that what they say? Yeah. And you’re right, I love that you bring other women onto your podcast, and that you allow them space to share. I am a firm believer that sharing our stories are transformational and change the world. I mean, the Bible is full of stories. And it’s been a best selling book for 1000s of years. So it’s a complete testament to the truth. That story has so much power, and lasts for generations and generations. And one of the things that you say on your podcast that I really love, I wanted to make sure that I shared this with the audience. For those who aren’t familiar and haven’t listened. You say let’s get real, and let’s go heal. And so I’m curious, you know, with that in mind, what would be your approach to being able to support one of your clients that you’re working with, or a potential client who comes to you and says, You know, I want to do this thing. I know, it’s what I’m called to do. But there’s so many other people doing it. There’s so many other women doing it. I don’t want to, you know, so to think I stole her idea.

Stephanie: Well, that’s what the whole let’s get real about it is like, okay, let’s be real. Yeah, there are so many other women out there doing the same thing. But you are going to do a different and on top of that, why not reach out to that woman that has the same thing to see. Maybe she might want to collaborate with you, maybe she may want to help you. And then instead of just thinking that it’s gonna be a whole competition thing, you never know and she may say No, okay, but you’re not going to know until you reach out or until you just go about it but you cannot sit on Your voice and what you know, and your experience because you’re afraid that other people are will think that you stole from them, or that they are. Or that there are other people out there saying the same thing. Because a lot of times we do say something other people say they’re called quotes. That’s right. So you know, just give people their credit when you say something that somebody else says, Don’t take it for yours. Um, but you can’t be afraid to do something. Just because somebody else did it. And I experienced that because with my book, at first, that’s the mindset I had, like, what am I gonna say different? Anybody else has already said, I’ve read so many women’s devotionals. And stories, I’m just like, what am I going to do or say different, but I had to get out of that mindset, and still write it because somebody is going to relate, somebody is going to this is going to break through to somebody. But if you don’t do it, then you’re missing your college and that breakthrough that one person needed from you. But you were too afraid to do it. You just missed out on them.

Tiffany: Yes, yes, I agree. And, and that is so powerful. What we cannot allow to happen is that we allow our fears and our challenges to become burdens not only on our blessings, but they become burdens on the blessings that of the people we are called to serve, we are called to support, right? So we have to be able to move past this ally that only one person can do something and do it well. And I want everybody who’s listening to know that there is so much power and partnership. And it is important that you do your due diligence, right, everybody isn’t necessarily going to make the best partner. But that still does not mean that you have to be competing with her. You two are doing the same things you are maybe parallel or in the same area of expertise. But you know, I’m a firm believer that Stephanie and I both could follow the same recipe, but we both have a secret sauce. And that is what’s going to make the difference. You know, Burger King and McDonald’s both sell hamburgers, some people prefer it chargrilled Some people like it. However, Mike McDonald’s, me. And you know, you can ride down the street and McDonald’s and Wendy’s and Burger King will all be on the same block. And they all have customers, but they all sell in burgers and fries.

Stephanie: Mm hmm. Yeah, there was one of them first, that didn’t stop any of the other ones from from building and they are 1 billion all billion dollar company right? And then it didn’t stop TGI Fridays from selling a burger, or, you know, anywhere else that sells burgers. It didn’t stop them just because somebody else are. There’s like a million restaurants out there that already sells a burger, because somebody is always gonna prefer this over somebody over the other.

Tiffany: Yes, that’s right. I want you I want you to share a little bit about how you bring this idea of collaboration over competition into action in your life and business already shared that we met in black girls do which is all about collaboration. But what other ways are you working to, you know, elevate the message of collaboration over competition in your business and your personal life?

Stephanie: Well, like I said, when I have a podcast up, so and I have a guess, I always have my guests tell people where they can be found. Because I don’t want this to seem like it’s just my show. And you’re not important. No, Your voice is also important. And I feel like I have this vision in my head where, you know, when people stand next to each other a women stand next to each other, and they link up how powerful that is, versus just one woman standing by herself that somebody can just blow right through, can blow through linked up women. Mm hmm. Because there is too strong right, they too connected. And so connection is a big thing for me. And I’m always connecting especially if I want to learn like even with being recently with black girls do just connecting with these women and making bonds with them. And the blessings that are coming out of that it would not have happened if we just sat self asleep thinking that we can’t collaborate with others, but I’m always always pushing. Go check this person out. Go do this, go get this book. You know, cuz it’s not just about me, I got where I am from some of these people, these things but I’m telling you to go check out. They helped me get where I am. And I’m just gonna continue to push because I just the competition is overrated. And it needs to die.

Tiffany: And you know what? You’re right. It does need to die. And, and you know why is because collaboration and community gives so much life. And, you know, sometimes we put ourselves in these boxes and we end up in isolation, because we feel like people don’t understand back to that lack mindset, right? We think someone might steal our idea. But when you are bold and courageous enough to step out and approach someone else and say, Hey, Stephanie, let’s chat. I did not know Stephanie from mechanical pain, but we connected it in that clubhouse room. And I hopped right in her DMS said, We need to talk, we have some similarities. And I know that we can bless somebody by doing that. And now from this, Stephanie and I will have a connection. Who knows Stephanie might be the prayer partner I’ve been praying for, you know, you never know what will happen from you taking one step and really bust down this line. All in all it takes is one interaction. That’s it, all it takes is you doing the next best thing that you know to do. What would you say Stephanie was one of the scariest experiences for you to reach out to somebody?

Stephanie: Of course, nobody likes rejection. Right? Um, but I don’t think I have a specific experience, where I was just, like, out of body scared. I’m always I was I used to be always nervous about contacting someone, but now I’m not it’s like nothing. What are you gonna do? The worst you can do is say no. And if you say no, okay, I’m just gonna move on. But I won’t know anything. Unless I asked her if I check, you know, you just we got to stop moving in fear.

Tiffany: That’s right. You gotta you definitely got to stop moving in. Well, I think that you need to move in fear and not let fear direct your moves. Right? Because when you’re afraid you still have to do it. I don’t know that I was necessarily afraid. But when I first started doing voice recordings, and people’s DMS, I was just like, this is different, you know, and, and the DM, like, if you mess up it, you can’t delete it,

like you can’t start

Tiffany: Again, is a sentence like, there’s nothing you can do, they got it. Right. So it actually is a confidence booster. But even in the few instances where I have had some bloopers and what I was trying to say, and had to re-record the person came back and was very open and welcoming, and even thanked me for being willing to reach out and consider you know them for whatever it is that I was saying to them. So I want to just encourage the women who are listening to know that you have to take the first step, you know, you have to be willing to, to call out and confront what you need to conquer. And that starts with really like Stephanie says, getting real so that you can heal, what’s the real reason that you aren’t taking action with the thing or doing what God has told you? You need to do?

Right God?

And that’s right, you got to get to the root of it and and know that there is someone you likely can connect with who can support you and working through getting to the root of that. Would you agree, Stephanie?

Stephanie: Absolutely. Don’t be afraid. Let me tell you yesterday, I was in somebody’s dm asking him about a program. And I meant to say hi. I’m interested in your program. I said, Whoa, I’m interested in your program. And and I was typing now what I should have did a voice recording. But like I said, I message immediately I say OMG I mean hi not Whoa. And she was very understanding because she was like, I’ve done it before too. So it just it happens and it makes you laugh, makes them laugh, and then you move on.

Tiffany: Yeah, I’ll actually might help you to just get the fear out if you have a little slip up, because it’s something that both of you can meet in the middle and laugh about. Even if your collaboration isn’t necessarily what they’re looking for at the time. People are generally happy to connect and meet someone new.

Stephanie: Mm hmm. The Times have changed. I think Gone are the days where people don’t want to collaborate, don’t want to connect, especially women. Um, now. It’s like women are realizing the strength and being together and collaborating. And so more than likely, if you reach out to a person and say you want to collaborate with them, of course they’re going to ask you know what the deal is? Question your background to figure out if you’re a good fit, which they should, and you should, but they’re more willing women are more willing to collaborate now. It’s just an atmosphere.

Tiffany: It’s a change in the atmosphere. And I think also the state of the world right now, people are struggling in isolation, nobody really wants to be alone. So there are some people who are waiting for you to hop in their DMS or waiting for you to send them the email or call them or whatever way you can connect with them. Even if it’s someone local in your community, they may be waiting for you to knock on the door and your mask, of course, but say, hey, let’s talk or what are you doing on Friday night? Do you want to fill in the blank? You know, people are waiting for exactly what, what you need, which is on the other side of your fear and that lie?

Stephanie: Mm hmm. Absolutely.

Tiffany: And I’m just grateful to be able to have Stephanie here to have this conversation. I’m curious, Stephanie, is there anything that you’ve run, or anybody that you follow beyond Jessica, who has really been impactful for you as it relates to building up the confidence or the know-how to be able to initiate those collaborations? Or, you know, just new relationships?

Stephanie: It’s funny, because the title of the book is called what a time to be alone. I’m trying to get pulled up so I can try to pronounce her name. What? He alone, huh? Let’s see. Should there you go? Sorry,

I don’t know if I said there, right? But it’s c h, i DRA. And her last name is eg G, E, R u E. and this book is kind of like a guide to helping you realize that you are enough. And, um, even in your loneliness, try to enjoy who you are becoming your own friend, then you won’t be so lonely.

Tiffany: And maybe you have the confidence.

Stephanie: Yeah. Because you’re not afraid to be his friend. Yeah. And man, I just, I’m always doing devotionals and audio books. And like, that’s just me, I love audiobooks. So anytime I go through and see something that pops out to me, I’m like, ooh, I want to listen to this. And so like, there’s so many different audio books that I’ve listened to. Let me see if I can pull up my library.

Tiffany: One I will share that I recommend to everybody, regardless of where you are on your journey, and it’s called the dream giver, is by Bruce Wilkinson. And the book is a short book, it starts out with a fable in the beginning. And then at the end, it goes through and basically he gives some, you know, some context for the fable some questions for you to consider. And it’s ultimately about how we go on this journey. When we are caught when we recognize we’re called to something higher or to do something different. And the journey that we go on to get there, and he uses metaphorical language. And he talks about how this person lived in the town of nobodies, and he wanted to be somebody and how he had to get through it. And it is the metaphorical way that he talks about the journey is so powerful. It’s one of those books for me that I read every year. And it’s also you know how Oprah wanted or was given out copies of the color purple. This is a book that I would give out copies of because he does such a good job of simplifying some of the most critical and challenging points in our lives, and making it digestible and understandable. And he gives you good context to be able to process through

Stephanie: That sounds like this book that I’ve read and listened to a million times. It’s called high speed and high places. And it’s pretty much an allegory and all of the characters have different names based off the different parts of life we’re in so like the main character, her name is much afraid. And then you know, she has a cousin call, freight fretful and, you know it is and then she has these two partners that the shipper assigns to her. One is called suffering and one Call. My goodness, I can’t remember. But by the end of the story, as she goes through her journey, her name changes and sufferings, things change to joy and innocence, like this whole is so so look it up if you can’t have seen I play with you say a hind hand speed in high places,


And so the other, the one I’m gonna give one more. This book really really spoke to me it’s called more than enough by Elaine welteroth, w e l t e. r. o th. And its subtitle pretty much says claiming this space for who you are, no matter what they say. That it just that alone, too. It’s a really good book to help you realize that you’re enough, I read a lot of books about being enough.

Tiffany: Yes, it’s something that we can be constantly reminded of. You know, that you are more than enough. And also, I just think it’s so important to be reminded that, you know, if, if you feel so strongly and passionately and you know, in your gut and your heart that you are called to do something, I don’t care if there are a billion people doing it, then you need to move forward and just take the next best step. And don’t look to your left or to your right, stay focused. And when you get confused, look up to God. Don’t look around and compare yourself. Because then you are going to get the affirmation that you need from God and you don’t have to worry about that validation.

Stephanie: Yeah, if it’s still on your heart, more than likely there’s something you are going to be doing different than everybody else has already done it. There’s something different that’s going to be done on your part that’s gonna attract people to you.

Tiffany: That’s right. I agree with that. And speaking of attracting people to you, Stephanie, can you let our audience know where they can connect with you and learn more about you? And listen to the podcast?

Stephanie: Sure. So you can find me on Facebook gifts. I still have Facebook. As Stephanie Cooper, there are a lot of Stephanie Cooper’s I know but I’m on there. I promise. I’m on Instagram is broken into beautiful so it’s br o ke e n. n in the number two and beautiful. My email address is I don’t use Twitter. I don’t use tik tok. And then you can find me on clubhouse as Stephanie Cooper also.

Tiffany: Yes, and I’ll make sure to link to the podcast, Instagram.

Stephanie: Oh, yeah. And, and the podcast. The podcast is on all the platforms, apple, Spotify, Stitcher, Google, I think is our heart, I think. But yeah, that’s where you can find the podcast. And if you go on my, either my facebook or my Instagram, I have links on I think is my Facebook page, I have the links to almost all the platforms.

Tiffany: Okay, perfect. So yes, I will make sure that everyone is able to get in contact with you. And if you are struggling with this lie that you can’t do something or that you can’t connect because someone else is already doing it. I encourage you to allow myself or Stephanie to be your test, you can happily hop into one of our D ends. We will love to hear from you love to hear how we can support you and challenge you on this journey to bust down this lie and get you into doing what God would have you do. Stephanie, I want to thank you so much for being here. And if you have any last words or parting words, you want to leave the audience with you have the floor.

Stephanie: Um, oh man, I always have a quote. So I have one right here. As matter of fact, I was going to use it on my episode, I still might. But it says not all storms come to disrupt your life. Some come to clear your path. So you might have some stuff that’s in the way of you moving on that path that you need to go and it’s blocking you so you don’t know which way to go. So a storm comes and it clears some people out. It clears some jobs out. It clears a whole bunch of stuff. And now you have this new path that you might be afraid to take. But it’s a new path that was created. So take it. That’s right.

Tiffany: That’s a good Mic drop moment. Thank you again for being here. And I’m sure I will see you out on this internet Street.

Cheers to collaboration over competition and really doing the work to Initiate those relationships that are going to change not only the trajectory of your life, but the lives of others. I really pray that you are blessed by this conversation and that you are encouraged if you have been questioning whether you should move forward with an introduction, or reaching out to someone or hopping in sisters DMS. Listen, go for his speaking of DMS. I would love to hear from you about your thoughts on this episode or this series. We’ve been in for several weeks now, the lies we tell ourselves, you can surely hop in my dm on Instagram, or Facebook at Tiffany Huff. Or of course you can leave a review. When you do you create the opportunity for other beacons to find the podcast and be blessed by what is being shared. So I look forward to connecting with you. And of course, I will leave you with this. God is not going to play you but if you have still been allowing the lie of competition over collaboration to hold you back. I promise you are playing yourself. Be blessed.