Have you been struggling to balance being a public success and a private failure?

Do you find it challenging to find your version of success from day to day?

If you answered yes to either of these questions this week’s episode is especially for you!  In this episode Tiffany is introducing you to the concept of being famous at home first, and challenging you to shift your perspective about success and fame.

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Hey beacon, welcome home to your bounce back blueprint community Podcast, where you are challenged to be do and have God’s best. As you thrive on your journey from setback to success. I’m your bounce back guide, Tiffany Huff-Strothers. And I’ll be guiding you on the journey by sharing tips, tools, and the T on how I was able to bounce back from escaping death, healing from heartbreak and finding hope in homelessness. And then I wrote an award winning book all about it, and shout out to God, ever since I was courageous enough to share my story. My life and the lives of women around the world have been forever changed. And as a member of the bounce back blueprint community, I’m called to teach you to do the same. So grab your journal, and let’s build this blueprint. Hey, begin, hey, I am so excited to build the blueprint with you this week. Before we do though, I want to offer you the opportunity to make 2021 your best year yet, and that is by investing in being your best. Today we’re talking all about redefining success, and the power and the importance of being famous at home first. And that is where I specialize really helping you to build a solid foundation so that you can cease to be a public success and a private failure. And in fact, if you wonder why you haven’t been able to achieve public success, it’s likely because you aren’t famous at home, first, you’re overwhelmed, you’re burnt out, you’re stressed out, you’re doing all of the things and none of the things is working. Let me be the one to help you to course correct. And get the clarity and gain the courage to really be and do and have all the God has called you to, you can grab the link in the show notes and grab a breakthrough session with me so that we can speak about how we can work together to make 2021 your best year ever. Now grab your journal, and let’s build this blueprint all about being famous at home. 

First, you have to be famous at home first. And that means regardless of how many people you bless outside of your home, regardless of how much money is in your bank account, if you are a public success and a personal or at home failure, then it’s all for not right. And so I want you to consider even now with how busy we can be as women, right we wear tons of hats, beyond wives, mothers, sister, friend, daughter, significant other if you’re not married, if you don’t have children, you are active in your community, you’re volunteering, you are on professional boards, and the list goes on and on for all of us, right. And so it’s very easy to get caught up in what you have to do once you get out the door. Because for some of us even getting out the door is such an accomplishment, right? It can be easy to focus on your success, once you leave your home and lose sight sometimes or your home actually drops to the bottom of your priority list. And I know that nobody is going to quickly volunteer this as their truth because it’s not popular. However, I do want you to be honest with yourself and be honest with God as we move through this topic today. And so what I have learned, and what I have had to learn the hard way is that it’s so much more important to be famous at home first. And when you are not that it will be easy, but it will be easier to build, bless and bank once you leave out of the house. And this was very challenging for me because I was bred to be an achievement junkie, right? All of my life, I aspire to the next thing and the next thing and the next thing, and there was really nothing that I could not accomplish. As long as I worked hard, until I got into this relationship and I couldn’t make it work, I was able to make everything else work. Nothing else that I wanted or needed, or attempted to achieve was impossible except this. And because of that, I ended up experiencing one of the worst. Well, one of the most life changing setbacks of my life, I will say, and so I want to share with you Like I said, I’m open that I’ve taken enough for the team so that you don’t have to have the same experience. So what does it mean to be famous at home first, if you have your workbook you probably have a little bit of insight into this, but I’m gonna break it down for you anyway. being famous at home first, has some levels and I’m sure you’re used to me saying so many of these concepts. There are levels to it and that’s because it This is a journey right? Even after you’ve completed the challenge, there will be some pieces of this process and your workbook and these videos that you’ll go back to, that you’ll revisit that you’ll have to reflect on and work through and grow through consistently, right, it’s not a one and done. So when it comes to being famous at home, first, there are three levels. And all of these levels are necessary before you even leave out the door before you pick up your phone before you post anything on social media, this is all at home, this is all very important. But I want you to shift your perspective about home, because you probably immediately went to being famous at home as famous as a mom famous as a wife. But even before we get there, there are some levels that you need to consider. So the first famous at home, or excuse me, the first level of being famous at home is being famous with God, good morning. That means that you are prioritizing your relationship with God, and you are prioritizing yourself as the woman that God tells you you are now for a lot of us this is challenging, right. But I want you to think about this from the perspective of when you are getting into a new relationship, right? 

Think about if you’re in a relationship, how you got to know your significant other, right, this is time that you have to invest into getting to know that person, right? sharing and learning truth about this person is just getting comfortable. And it takes time. And it’s an investment. And when we are in pursuit or in process of a new relationship with a significant other, this is an exciting time, right? This is a time that you are smiling a lot, right? You’re probably feeling a little giddy, maybe even blessing. And it’s usually a time when we are excited and sharing with others about the experience. And that’s what being famous at home with God is all about. It’s about really being excited and invested in living a life where God is going to get the glory. And that excites you to the extent that you want to share it with other people. And so, like we talked about yesterday, if you don’t have a solid foundation with your source, then it’s going to be very challenging for you to do what you’re called to do, or what you were created to do as it relates to that source. So first and foremost, you want to be a famous home with God, that is on the basic level, right. And that is something again, that is not something that you achieve in one day, it doesn’t happen overnight. It’s not something you check off a list, it’s something you prioritize on a consistent basis. And that will grow. And as that grows, the foundation that you’re building on becomes stronger and stronger. So even though it’s not something that happens overnight, or a one and done, it is definitely something that you need to consistently invested. I know that even today, the houses that are popping up or being built very quickly, right, especially now because we’re inside, you could be in the house for a week and the next week, potentially see a house a structure, right. But even before that house went up, there was some digging that had to be done, there was some semen or dirt that had to be laid on bricks that had to be set before that house was built. So even though it appears to have happened very quickly or overnight, there were things that we could not see happening, that needed to happen for that to take place. So it’s very important to prioritize your relationship and your time with God. And as we move through the rest of this week, we’ll talk about exactly how to do that. The second level of being famous at home first is being famous in your body. Right? So

you know, are most people are familiar with some variation of the Scripture, your body has a space where the Holy Spirit dwells right. Beyond that our body is not our own, it’s on loan to us, right? This is something our body is something just like our money and our gifts and talents that we have been entrusted to steward well, right. And so if you aren’t being famous at home, if you aren’t caring for your body properly, then it’s going to be very challenging for you to do the work that you were called to do, right? being famous at home and your body is what makes you feel good enough to to be able to do the things and so I always challenge my clients to consider what are you putting into your body and where are you going with your body that the Holy Spirit may not want to dwell with or in a space that the Holy Spirit might not want to be in? Right? Because your body is the temple for some people. 

You might be the only Bible that they ever open right? Your story what you are called to bless people with might be the soul experience that they have with God and so It’s very important for us to prioritize how we treat our bodies. And again, because we are women. And because we have so many other things going on, unfortunately, we tend to put ourselves on the bottom of the priority list. And so this is why we are focusing here now, because what we don’t want to happen is you start to experience some success with sharing your story, you start to experience some success with blessing others, and then you lose sight of the importance of caring for yourself, we are prioritizing ourselves first, that’s what being famous at home in your body means that means that you are sleeping your way to the top. That means we are not in hustle and grind mode, we are resting because even the Creator of the heavens and the earth rested on the seventh day. So that means part of being famous at home first is allowing yourself to space and the grace to sleep your way to the top, making your rest a priority, right? It means that you are nourishing your body properly. And it’s not only what you eat, it’s not only what you consume with your eyes, right? It’s what you can, or excuse me, it’s not only what you consume with your mouth, it’s what you consume with your eyes, right? What you’re watching what you’re scrolling through on social media who you’re following. It’s also what you are hearing with your ears, right. And like I said, it’s also the places that you go. And the company you keep the people you entertain, as the old folks will say that it’s the company you keep, right. So these are things you want to be mindful of as you build your foundation to be famous at home first. And like I said, this is about being honest with yourself. And your journal, your workbook is your judgment free zone. So what you were writing there, what you’re jotting down as you listen to what I’m sharing is your personal truth, your space to commune and be honest with both yourself and with God. Does that make sense? Everybody with me famous at home with God is level one, famous at home and your body is level two. And you will know when you’ve gotten to the point that you’re famous on those first two levels when you are excited when you wake up in the morning because you know one that you get to have more time with God, but two, you are about to invest the day, the time of your day and doing the things that you are called to do, and you feel good about it. Right? When you wake up heavy and sluggish and tire you don’t feel good about doing the work that God has called you to do, you don’t feel excited. And so it ends up, we end up in a space where we have to wear masks and put on a facade.

So this is something we definitely want to be intentional about, we definitely want to take seriously and we want to prioritize. Now the third level of being famous at home first is the fame that is necessary actually, in your home with your family with your significant other. And even if you live alone, if you’re not married, if you don’t have children, if you don’t have a significant other, this is about being famous at home in the space that you inhabit. And so it’s not only your familial relationships, but it’s also caring and stewarding your space well, right. And again, these are things that often fall to the wayside because of so many of the other priorities that we have outside the home. And I can be completely honest, there was a time when I don’t think I shared this yesterday, from the moment I woke up in the morning to the time I lay down at night, my entire day was accounted for that that was when I was a single mom. And that didn’t mean that I didn’t spend time with my children. But it did impact the way I was able to spend time with my children, because there was so much rushing. And it became very clear to me when I noticed that it was um it was the way of life that my children were adapting to right so I was always hustling always. Let’s go Hurry up, get yourself. Let’s do it. And what I noticed was my older son started doing it to my younger son because he was following what I was doing to him. So he would constantly be like, Come on, get your bag, get your book, but come on, we gotta go Hurry up, get up. And I would be thinking why is he rushing him that way. But it’s because it’s the way that I was modeling the behavior to him. And so it’s really important to take an inventory on the areas of your home life where you aren’t famous. And here’s the way that I encourage you to do it. Draw a picture of a house on a piece of paper and your journal or your workbook, and then divided into rooms, right? And I want you to think about the physical rooms in your house like your basement, your kitchen, your family room, your bedroom, but also I want you to consider The other rooms that make up the home that you embody, right the home that you inhabit. And so that would be like, your physical, your emotional, your spiritual, your mental, your professional, and think about and rate yourself on how famous you are in each of those houses, right? Or each of those rooms, right on a scale of one to 10? how famous Are you in your relationship with your children? how famous Are you with keeping your home clean, and let me be clear and say this, this doesn’t mean you have to do all of the things right? You could have someone that you hire to clean your home, right? That’s part of being a good steward. We don’t have to do all of it ourselves. But we are responsible, we do have dominion over those things that God has given us to steward. And so how you actually do it is not as important as you making sure that it gets done. So it might be that you need to ask for some help. That’s part of being famous at home first, recognizing that you don’t have to do it all on your own, it also may mean that you need to establish some boundaries, right. And that means boundaries with the people you live with. As well as people you work with your friends, family members, right, you have to set some boundaries and create the space so that you can build up the habits, build up the clarity, build up the courage and make the commitment to doing the work of being famous at home first. And I’m a firm believer that we do not grow alone. And I know that part of what what I’m called to do is to help you really build this solid foundation. 

This is Cornerstone number one of building your bounce back blueprint. You’ve got to be famous at home first, before you can even consider successfully being and doing and having all that God has called you to do because your foundation is so important to everything else that you are called to build everyone else you are called to bless. And so I would love to have the opportunity to be your guide on this journey. If you are struggling with even how to begin to be famous at home first how to build those habits, how to connect with God, how to prioritize yourself, if you’re struggling with setting boundaries, if you don’t know which goals are God goals and which are good goals. I am here for you. I would love to work with you. All you need to do is grab the link in the show notes and schedule your breakthrough session. That is the first step in us getting together and talking about how we can make magic, how I can help you make 2021 your best year yet and also be the foundation that you need to set for the life that God is calling you to lead and the woman that God is calling you to be. So I look forward to hearing from you. I would also love to hear from you if this was a blessing to you if you found this information helpful if it’s going to help you with your journey to redefining success and really setting the goals that matter for 2021 grab a screenshot, share it on your social tag me at the Tiffany hub and of course if you feel so inclined, you can head over to Apple podcasts and leave a review when you do you create space for another woman to find this podcast. This resource is this community to get the support she needs on her bounce back journey. I am so glad to have had this time with you. And of course I will leave you with this God. God is not going to play you but if you think you found success, and you are anything less than your best and and less than being famous at home first. I promise you, you are plaguing yourself. Be blessed!