Today’s guest and I share about the power of one moment of truth to change your life.  Jessi and I talk about the process to redefining happiness for yourself, the power of both surrounding yourself with people and things to fulfill you, but also how exploring self fulfillment changes your life.  We dig deep into the power of your story and so much more. The question is: are you happy?

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Jessi Shuraleff is the mama of two amazing little humans conceived through IVF and the founder & host of This Is My Truth podcast & community. She spent many years shoving down her emotions around her fertility journey (amongst other things!) into a box, and threw away the key. Until one day, she found the key and that changed everything — how she viewed herself, motherhood, but most importantly the type of leader she became at home & at work.

She has spent the last 13+ years at Google, effectively leading & coaching sales teams using authenticity, value-based selling & storytelling to drive impact & revenue for her customers. Her mission is to create community & connection through sharing personal stories to empower others to step into their own light, reclaim their vulnerability & drive greater impact. You can find Jessi on her website,, on Instagram @ThisIsMyTruthPodcast or by listening to her podcast, This Is My Truth, available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Anchor & all podcast platforms.

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