Have you been questioning whether you will ever have balance?

Do you find yourself feeling guilty about where you are or aren’t giving your attention from moment to moment or day to day?

In this episode, Bree and I talk about the importance of harmony over balance, the importance of knowing who you are and whose you are before you can be successful with any other roles, the importance of communication with your spouse and your children and the C.A.R.E. method for maintaining healthy relationships.

About Bree:

Bree Carroll, the Military Marriage Coach, Wedding and Event Specialist and Speaker who transforms spaces and hearts through authentic design and purposeful planning.  With a background in civil engineering, Bree brings her brilliance of problem solving and eye for design to couples so they design a marriage even more beautiful than their wedding day.  Using her CARE method, she guides couples through designing a marriage that celebrates their core values.  As a voice in the milspouse community and the 2020 – 2021 AFI Air Force use of the Year, she celebrates strong military marriages.  On her nationally broadcasted podcast, Hearts & Stripes, she speaks on the power of relationships.

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