Has your New Year Resolution already become a thing of the past?

Are you frustrated because you know God has called you do something specific, but for some reason no matter how hard you try you can’t “get there”?

If you answered yes, this episode is for you.  In this episode I am sharing a divine download God gave me about how we sometimes put ourselves in holding patterns because things don’t look or feel the way we expect them to.  Sometimes we put ourselves in holding patterns because we think we have to arrive at a certain destination before we can do the work to fulfill our destinies.  That could not be further from the truth.

It’s time for you to begin to use what is in your hands right there where you are.

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Hey beacon, welcome home to your bounce back blueprint community Podcast, where you are challenged to be do and have God’s best. As you thrive on your journey from setback to success. I’m your bounce back guide, Tiffany Huff-Strothers. And I’ll be guiding you on the journey by sharing tips, tools, and the T on how I was able to bounce back from escaping death, healing from heartbreak and finding hope in homelessness. And then I wrote an award winning book all about it, and shout out to God, ever since I was courageous enough to share my story, my life and the lives of women around the world have been forever changed. And as a member of the bounce back blueprint community, I’m called to teach you to do the same. So grab your journal, and let’s build this blueprint. Hey, beacon, hey, I am so excited to be building the blueprint with you this week. I’m excited because we’ve wrapped up this series on, you know, the lies we tell ourselves. And I hope that in listening to those episodes, and our guests, that you were able to get honest with yourself, and recognize the lies that you’ve been telling yourself and decide that you are no longer going to sabotage yourself or do yourself and those who are called to serve at this service, by continuing to live by those lies. And so today, I have a question for you. And I want you to grab your journal, if you haven’t grabbed your journal already, if you have not been bringing your journal to these podcast episodes, which are like mini coaching sessions, then I need you to get that together, hit pause, grab your journal, because I have a question for you today. And I really want you to take the time to answer this question and answer it honestly. And so here’s the question. Can you introduce me to your future self? Can you introduce me to your future self?


Yes. Let me tell you why that is the question. So here we are. second month of 2021. And it is around this time of the year when the resolutions start to fall to the wayside. And those old habits begin to resurface when things we said we were leaving in 2020 somehow find their way out of the closet out of our wallets, back into the contact list in our phones, if we’re honest. And so I want you to give yourself permission for the next 20 minutes or so that we are together to introduce me to your future self. And before you start to introduce me to your future self, I want to share with you one of the challenges that comes with embracing your future self, right it is this idea that you have to get to a certain destination, or you have to accomplish a certain thing. Or you have to be a certain way. Right, you have to lose a certain amount of weight, all of the lies we were talking about all of these things before you can embrace and allow yourself to be the woman that God is telling you, He created you to be. It’s not about the destination. The reality is that you need the clarity about who your future self is. And then you need the courage to become her now. And I want to demonstrate this by a divine download that I received from God last week. So I was getting ready for bed. I was in the bathroom. And I don’t know I guess this is a sign of getting old because I now spend quality time in the bathroom. Just sitting there pondering so many different things. Sometimes talking to God sometimes talking to myself, but I digress. On this particular night. I don’t think I was talking to myself or God I was just kind of decompressing as I prepared to get into bed. And God interrupted my thoughts. And he said to me, you know, Tiffany, part of the reason why you’ve been feeling the way you’ve been feeling, mind you I didn’t tell him I was feeling any type of way. But he gets in your business like that. He said, part of the reason why you’ve been feeling the way you’ve been feeling is because you are so focused on getting there. And he said, You don’t have to get there to do what I have called you to do. And he brought me or he gave me this vision of myself in an airport. And I can see this airport very clearly. And he’s told me, he said, You’ve been in this airport, and your flight has been delayed and detoured over and over again. And every time the attendant comes to the counter, to announce that another flight is coming in, or that a flight is going to be taking off, you are the first one at the counter, saying Is it my turn, is my name at the top of the list? Am I still going to be on standby, I’ve been here for so long, and I’m ready to go, I have so much to do when I get to where I’m going. And because of what is going on with this airport. And these flights and this pandemic, I’ve been here much longer than I have anticipated, I haven’t slept properly, I can’t get comfortable here, I want to take off my shoes, you know, I am on this rant with this attendant. And the attendant again tells me Well, you know, you’re still on standby, we will see. And so I do the walk of shame, with my bags and my laptop bag back to the seat where I was sitting. And what God showed me as I sat down is you need to do what I’ve told you to do in the airport. Now I’m saying airport with air quotes, right? Because all of us are not literally in an airport. However, we all spend extreme amounts of time in a certain space. And a certain space in our minds, or in a certain space where we feel like we can’t do because of where we are, all of us have spent exorbitant amounts of time thinking that when we get to said place, we will be able to do whatever God has called us to do. And what God showed me during that vision is that there are plenty of seats in the airport. And there are places where I can put my bag down, there are places where I can plug my laptop and my phone into charge it. And in fact, there are people in that airport that need what he has given me to serve with. There are people in that airport, who are waiting to hear what I have to say. However, because I’m so focused on the destination, I am missing out on opportunities to walk in my destiny, right where I am. And I’m willing to bet that this is or has been true for you as well. And part of the reason is that you have not begun to do the work necessary to not only introduce others to your future self right, not only introduce others to how you can serve them, how you can help them what God has given you how he intends to move in and through you. Right, you haven’t introduced yourself to yourself. You haven’t fully accepted who you are, according to God, as you said, you are yourself. And so if that is the case, how can you introduce yourself to others? And that is why I started this episode with the question, can you introduce me to your future self? And so I want you to begin answering this question by considering what is the destination that you are focused on? Where are you going? What goals are you setting to get to a certain place, right? And this doesn’t have to be an actual location per se. But where are you working to get to? Right? What is it going to take for you to get there? And when you get there, how will you serve? How will you impact others? And if you want to take it a step further, who are the others you will impact? These are the questions that needs to be answered in order for you to introduce me and yourself to your future self. And then when you have those answers, I want you to really spend some time meditating and praying over them. And then I want you to look at what you can do right now where you are. And specifically, I want you to consider whether or not the people that you put down on your paper or wrote in your journal, or who you are going to serve, or where you are right now, who’s in the airport with you, that does not know what you are preparing to do, what you’ve already been prepared to do, and how you are called to serve them. who haven’t you introduced your future self to other than yourself. And consider the disservice you are doing those people, because they may not necessarily be waiting on a physical flight, they may be waiting on what you have to give them to share with them to teach them, they may be waiting on that in order for them to take off. 

In order for them to be elevated off the ground in order for them. To get off a stalling runway. They may need you to help them build momentum. Are you with me, you are not waiting on a flight to take off. You are simply waiting to get familiar with yourself, you’re waiting for the clarity that you need to actually be your self so that you have the courage to get off the runway. See, the final thing that God showed me. And that vision of the airport scene was that it has very little to do with the pandemic that is happening across the globe. That these flights are being delayed and detoured. It has more to do with the personal pandemics that you are dealing with or not within yourself. The lies you tell yourself, your lack of clarity, right, your unwillingness to be courageous and to move through the fear, to grow through the fear. And then also, when you know who you are and what God has called you to do, and you’re consistently taking those steps, he will give you the discernment to recognize that is not that you will never get there is that there are some things he is going before you to prepare. So that when you get there, the people you are called to serve and bless and impact on the other side of the baggage claim or prepare for you that the land is ready for you. Right? That the people he speaks of choosing you to serve, are ready for how you will serve them. And so if he has you in a place where you feel like you’re on hold, where you’re feel like you’re ready to go, only you’re in the wrong place to do the work that I need you to lug around. I need you to sit down. I need you to learn to be content where you are without being complacent. And part of being able to be content without being complacent is getting familiar with your future self and embracing her now. embracing your gifts now. Understand understanding the abundance of what is in your hands now.

Knowing that there is a specific reason why some of your bags again air quotes, were checked with baggage claim and some of them you are carrying them around with you everywhere you go in that airport, in that holding space. What’s in those bags. What you have in those bags, what you have in your hands are everything you need to begin to introduce me and others to your future self. And that means that you can begin to do the work right where you are. Right now, as you wait for your flight to arrive, as you wait for your flight to take off, there is work to be done in the waiting. There are people for you to serve in the waiting, there are blessings for you to bestow upon others in the waiting. You’ve got to be willing to shift your perspective, right? You’ve got to be willing to accept and understand that delays and detours do not equal defeat. and be prepared to serve every person you meet, regardless of where you are, regardless of the circumstances. Can you introduce me to your future self, I would love to meet her. I would love to see the work that she is going to do to transform the world. And in fact, I would love to see that work begin today. And so again, I am challenging you to answer those questions. Where are you going? Where are you focused on going? Where are you trying to get to? What goals have you set for this month for this week for this year? To get you from where you are, to where you’re going? And who is there for you to serve? And how are you going to serve them? Now please hear me out. This is not about you starting a business necessarily. This is not necessarily about your professional life. Though the answers to these questions are very specific and personal for you. That’s why I said you need your journal because you need the time to do this work. You’ve got to get clear on where you’re going and why. so that you can understand that where you are now is equally as important, if not more important than the destination where the flight you’re waiting on will take you and you’ve got to understand that there are some people in the airport in the space where you are, that are waiting for you to serve for their flight to take off you in essence, or the flight they’re waiting for. And I am confident that until you do the work where you are in this layover space, in this meanwhile space, your flight is not going to arrive, you will not begin to ascend, you are not going to see yourself soaring the way God has intended you do because you haven’t done the work on the ground level to prepare. And sometimes doing the work in advance right? Is the preparation. Think about it. doctors do years of residency right? Before they be given before they become a doctor. Right doctors practice medicine, they do the work before they are necessarily able to do the work. And the same is true for you. And listen, you don’t have to do this alone. You don’t have to go through this process alone. I would love to work with you. 

I would love to be your coach and guide you. support you and of course challenge you to grow through this season. So that you can in fact, take off in 2021 so that you don’t spend the entirety of this year, feeling stuck feeling confused feeling like you’ll never get to where you know God has told you. He is taking you. For you. The first step may be to put your bags down and recognize that what is in your hand is your phone or your laptop with this voice of mind coming through it. And knowing that in your hands is an opportunity for you to be helped. I am here just like those people are waiting for you to serve them. I am waiting to serve you. And if you are ready to start this process, if you are ready to put an end to the delays and the detours and really get in position and be prepared for when your flight is going to take off. Then let’s get on a breakthrough call. Let’s work together to see how The two of us can make the magic necessary for you to begin to soar. The link to work with me is in the show notes. And your breakthrough session is no obligation for time specifically for us to chat about where you’re going. It’s time for you to introduce me to your future self. And for me to let you know how I can support you in embodying her today. So grab that link, schedule your time to chat. I look forward to hearing from you. Of course, if you would like you can introduce me to your future self in these internet streets. Grab a screenshot of this episode, tag me at Tiffany huff on Facebook or Instagram. Or if you have questions about the episode, you can tag me with those as well. And I really do look forward to hearing from you and meeting your future self. And so I will leave you with this. God is not going to play you. But if you are out here in the streets, pretending to be anyone other than who God has already showed you. He called you to be doing anything other than what he’s already shown you. He’s called you to do our promises. You are playing yourself. Be blessed!