She’s Free Challenge

For the woman ready to set herself + others free by sharing her story 

Monday June 21-24, 2020


We’re going deep in The Bounce Back Blueprint Community for 4 days during which you’ll have an exclusive personal coaching and mentorship experience is especially for YOU if you know you’ll thrive with individualized attention, deep conversation + covenant connection through group coaching and community, to enhance your personal, spiritual and professional growth.

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Beacon, your story is needed now more than ever. 

It’s over for you trying to be “regular” like everyone else.  You don’t get to be mediocre anymore This morning, God called me to call you out. ⁣

⁣I know how you’re feeling right now.  I know too well the feeling of wanting to grow and yet simultaneously stunting your growth because it isn’t looking the way you want it to, it is not attracting the right attention.  All the work doesn’t seem to be paying off. ⁣

⁣When I decided (really God decided, but just go with this), to no longer stunt my growth, to no longer stand in the way of my dream – it didn’t look the way I would’ve liked.⁣

⁣See I was told when I was a little girl – just like you – that I was gonna be great, and that if worked for them my dreams would come true.  FOREVER my dream was always to be an author.  And in 2017 my dream of being an Author came true, only the story God had me write to manifest it was not the story I wanted to tell.⁣

⁣It was my truth though. When you’re bold enough to tell your truth THAT’S when your dreams come true. ⁣

When you’re bold enough to tell your truth THAT is when you set yourself FREE.

THAT is how you set others FREE.

My boldness to share my story led me to being an Award-Winning Author+Entreprenuer, Speaker and so much more, and I am called to teach you to boldly share your story as well.

What you can expect from She’s Free Challenge:

Day 1: Why you’re really struggling to set yourself + others FREE

Day 2: How to kickstart the journey to setting yoursefl free FIRST

Day 3: The key to being bold + courageous enough to set others FREE

Day 4: How to build multiple income streams, business or ministry once you’re FREE

The best part of working with Tiffany was when I would recite my monologue and she would challenge me (can you go deeper with that? or don’t hide how you felt during that time. This is your story. Express yourself. You’re not only freeing yourself but you’re freeing others who are listening and watching.) My life changed since working with Tiffany with the confidence I now have speaking in front of people and being my true self. I can speak in front of people but as someone else. She helped me to trust myself. I would definitely recommend Tiffany to work with others; especially those who have never been in a public speaking position. She’s awesome!
KIKI Brown

Podcaster + Radio Personality, Nice2Media Marketing

Working with Tiffany helped me to embrace my voice. I was telling a story on paper that was boring. But the story wasn’t boring, it was just the way I was expressing myself. I was thinking ‘school paper’ and she helped me to think ‘conversation’. Her input helped me to see my monologue as a dialogue. She made me want to interact with my audience and not just be observed. Tiffany also helped to trim the fat of unnecessary details. She made me press to be concise. Before working with Tiffany, I thought my story was boring. Tiffany helped me find my hot sauce! I recommend any one to work with Tiffany to bring out your best.
Aldrea Reese-Brown

Meet Your Bounce Back Guide

I’m Tiffany, Evangelist, Servant Leader + Mentor for Women.  I’m an Award Winning Author and Entrepreneur you can learn about my work and brands here.  My mission is to help you bounce back from your worst setbacks then use your stories and experiences to make an impact.

If you’re searching for where to begin you’re in the right place – I can help you develop your personal Bounce Back Blueprint and move from surviving to thriving – on your terms.  My clients have written books, started businesses, organizations and ministries after working with me and sharing their stories.

Stop staying you’ll start when…and decide today you’re ready to do the work to WIN.  I’m looking forward to working with you.

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