The number one question I get from aspiring authors is – Where do I start with writing my book?

And a close second – Do I need an outline for my book, and how do i create one?

Have you been asking yourself – or Google these questions about how to start writing your book?

Well your questions, and perhaps your prayers are being answered today!

In this episode I am sharing with you the step by step process I take my clients through during Writer Unblocked VIP Days and during my coaching programs.

Grab your journal, and your headphones and get ready to focus because if you do after this episode you’ll have more than a month of writing prompts, and the framework to create the outline for your book.

Bye Bye writer’s block, bye bye frustration!

Oh and I provide you with a strategy to write through the hard parts of your story so that you are able to share your testimony with the voice of a victor and posture of power.

We will also dig into:

  • Time management for aspiring authors
  • Getting the support you need while you write your book
  • The best tools to utilize when you are writing your book and MORE

If you want to go deeper into this process, you can schedule a breakthrough session here.

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