21 Days to Strengthen Your Faith + Reclaim Your Life Once + For All

Is THIS your life?

  • You’re tired of struggling in silence and pretending you have it all figured out, but you have no idea where your life is headed…
  • You’re exhausted because even when you do #allofthethings, it never changes anything and you still feel stuck…
  • You’re overwhelmed with trying to do it on your own, and yet no matter how hard you pray, it’s as if God doesn’t hear your prayers…

What if I told you learning the power of commanding your mornings will change all of this?

The truth is, your mornings become your days and your days make up your life.

Are you ready to reclaim your life?

I want to welcome you to The P.O.W.E.R. Morning Experience

The P.O.W.E.R. Morning is a 21 Day Experience with like minded women who are ready to take the leap of faith, and do the work to prioritize themselves, their relationships with God and reclaim their lives FROM THE MOMENT THEY WAKE UP.

This experience is especially for YOU if you:

  • are frustrated with trying to figure everything out on your own – But you don’t trust anyone enough to share your struggles or seek support
  • wake up scrolling through statuses and images of women “killing it” for motivation – But you’re consistently defeated by doubt + procrastination
  • wake up in the morning and tell yourself (AGAIN), today will the be day you’ll begin – But you’re paralyzed by fear & feel alone on the journey

  • post daily on social about being fearless, and releasing the pain and shame of your past – But you lack confidence & consistency to see change

You’ll thrive in a community with deep conversation + covenant connection

along with self-paced trainings and assignments to enhance your personal + spiritual  growth as you rebuild your life.

“I would have paid $997 for this experience if

I had known how transformational it would be!” 

“I am forever grateful for this experience, Tiffany!”

When I signed up for Power Mornings, I’m not sure what I expected…All I knew is that it would possibly hold me accountable to get up in the mornings, start my day differently and hopefully gain a closer connection to GOD. Welllll, let me just say that it far exceeded those expectations plus some!!! The way Tiffany structured the 21 days was life changing! There were daily themes, a chance to have community with other like-minded women, a wonderful spiritual experience that was again, life changing! When you know better, you do better and POWER morning definitely gave me the “know better”, to now “do better” with my mornings and time with GOD!!! 

B. Boyden

CEO, The Boyden Group

What Makes The P.O.W.E.R. Morning Experience Different?

  • P: 21 Prayers to jump start your morning mindset and get you aligned with the divine before you start your day 
  • O: 21 Opening up Meditation scriptures and coloring pages to create an Open space for you to hear from God and seek His will for you at the start of every day of the journey
  • W: 21 Writing prompts to challenge and encourage you to gain clarity and build your courage to commit to your destiny and the consistency to manifest it
  • E: 21 Exercise routines to fuel you physically  with the energy and mindset to conquer your day
  • R: Recommended Readings to exercise your mind, and empower your growth in all areas of your life.
  • AND daily teachings each + every day!

This experience is about rebuilding yourself + your life from the inside out and making trusting God a non-negotiable.  You’ll be equipped to set yourself free from the pain, the shame, guilt and unforgiveness of the past through the transformation of being famous at home first.  

“It’ll be one of the best investments you make in yourself!”


Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Covenant connections with an intimate group of like minded women of faith in a private community with access to each daily sessions recordings

  • An hour of POWER every single morning for 21 days beginning at 5 a.m. EST (Yes, this is early – discipline for your destiny is going to require MORE of you!)

  • A Guided Workbook with 21 prayer, meditation, coloring pages, journal prompts and exercises you will work through independantly + discuss in the group
  • A Ta – Da List to track your progress during the course of the journey

Week 1 Clarity:

Faith + Focus = The Foundation

Trust Issues Phase 1: I can’t​/Phase 2: I should

You will work through self-sabotage, avoiding overwhelm, obstacles vs. opportunities, boundaries and identify what’s really in the way of your self-discipline

Week 2 Courage:

Voice of a Victor + Posture of Power

Trust Issues Phase 3: I will

You will work through your fears, doing it afraid, reclaiming your power, and the difference between fear of failure and fear of success as well as the importance of sharing your story like a victor – not the victim

Week 3 Commitment:

Serving with Excellence + Integrity

Trust Issues Phase 4: I must

You will work through forgiveness and the necessity to stop judging yourself,  how to stay the course when it seems easier to give up, the importance of accountability, daily routines and much more!

What You Can Expect in The Bounce Back Blueprint Mastermind


You’ll have the courage to call out, confront, and conquer the inner obstacles that have kept you stuck 



You’ll develop your personal vision + mission, and plan to lay the foundation of your setback to success journey


You’ll be part of a safe space – a sisterhood of like-minded women who will both encourage and challenge you on the journey 

Meet Your Bounce Back Guide

I’m Tiffany, Evangelist, Servant Leader + Mentor for Women.  I’m an Award Winning Author and Entrepreneur you can learn about my work and brands here.  My mission is to help you bounce back from your worst setbacks then use your stories and experiences to make an impact.

If you’re searching for where to begin you’re in the right place – I can help you develop your personal Bounce Back Blueprint and move from surviving to thriving – on your terms.  My clients have written books, started businesses, organizations and ministries after working with me and sharing their stories.

Stop staying you’ll start when…and decide today you’re ready to do the work to WIN.  I’m looking forward to working with you.



Both the Mastermind + Community are housed in a private members only space – AND NO, it’s NOT on Facebook.  You will have 24 hour access from wherever you are – including a mobile app!


When you enroll you’ll gain immediate access to the community, and prework.  Lessons will be released daily.


You will have access to the content and community for 90 days.



Absolutely!  If information about payment options and timelines are available with the signup link below.  If you have questions you can send an email to Hello@tiffanyhuffexperience.com


NO WORRIES! All live sessions are recorded and housed in the community for you to access when your schedule allows and watch as many times as you need


We stand behind the integrity, power and proven strategies you have access to and learn once enrolled in this course and actively engaged.  That said, refunds are given ONLY IF you can demonstrate you’ve followed through EVERYTHING you had access to and learned and did not get results.

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