This is it! The Most Downloaded Episode of 2020!

This is also the first cornerstone of the bounce back blueprint.  Clarity is so important on this journey!

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Let’s dig into cornerstone number one, clarity: faith and focus. So listen, here’s what I know for sure: If you are lacking clarity, you will find yourself consistently climbing the wrong ladders and frustrated with the experience of having to climb down the wrong ladder and start at the bottom of the right ladder.

What is very important is that you have to be famous at home first. Here’s what I need you to know: being famous at home first is not about collecting accolades. It’s not about recognition. It’s not about likes or comments or followers. It is about having and setting the foundation where your faith is most important, and you are focused on God to lead God excuse me to lead you to where he would have you to go to make the most impact. And if he calls you to it, income as well. This is what being famous at home first is all about. It’s about that solid foundation, it’s about investing in the clarity you need to be, and to do, and to have all that God has called you to.

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