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Tuesday, June 9, 2020 | 7PM

In 2020 you’re wearing many hats: entrepreneur, wife, mother, homeschooler, significant others, women with a mission, community leader, just to name a few…and you are so busy trying to keep up, it’s easy for us to get discouraged.  Especially after a setback…

You get focused, find good rhythm and then life throws us a curve ball:

  • work is stressful
  • clients don’t pay on time
  • bae is not being supportive
  • you gain back the 20 pounds you lost – AGAIN
  • you can’t seem to start the book when know we are called to write

And sometimes the curveballs come two or three at a time, seemingly nonstop and we are so overwhelmed we just want to wallow.

What is your biggest struggle right now?
What is keeping you up at night?
What’s your biggest complaint?

We often find ourselves feeling stuck, uncertain or uninspired about what we know we were created to be, do and have, usually because we don’t have clarity, or we lack the courage to move forward.

So we whine.

During this mini-course, you will not only work through what is causing your whining, after this mini-course you will have:

  • Increased clarity on what you actually need to “right” with your writing

  • Created the foundation of your vision, mission and goals associated with sharing your story

  • Gained confidence to move forward with the attitude of a winner not a whiner to bless others

  • Identified immediately actionable steps to move from surviving to thriving on your bounce back journey

This course is especially for you if:

  • You struggle with analysis paralysis because you don’t know where to start or what to do first
  • For too long you’ve been stuck trying to overcome the same challenges with sharing your story 

  • You have tried without success to start or finish your book, launch your blog or other passion project

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