This is the introductory episode to our first series: Trust Issues⠀⠀

Tiffany shares her journey to learning she had issues with trusting God and gives a brief overview of each phase. You will also takeaway how each phase will impact your bounce back journey.⠀

Phase 1: I can’t trust God⠀

Phase 2: I should trust God⠀

Phase 3: I will trust God

Phase 4: I MUST trust God⠀⠀

Questions to consider in your quiet time⠀⠀

– Do you struggle with trust issues?⠀

– Which phase or phases do you find yourself struggling in the most?⠀

– How are your trust issues effecting your life and relationships negatively?⠀

– What do you think is the worst that could happen if you decided to trust God?⠀

– Who can support you and hold you accountable with growing forward to Phase 4?⠀⠀⠀

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