PERMISSION to Begin Again

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When I was GROWING THROUGH the challenges of unbecoming to become, of learning to surrender and trust God, there was no one who looked like me, authentically sharing her experiences on how to begin again, how to share my own story and experiences to change my life – and the lives of the women I knew I was called to.  I’ve learned A LOT along the way, and I share my truths, divine downloads, and tips uninhibitedly.

I learned the HARD way so YOU NO LONGER HAVE TO!

The Cornerstone Episodes of The Bounce Back Blueprint the PERFECT place for you to start,


Cornerstone #1 Clarity:

Faith + Focus = The Foundation

Before making an impact + income anywhere – you have to be famous at home first. And there are levels to this!

Cornerstone #2 Courage

The Voice of a Victor + Posture of Power

Three keys to living courageously and why courageous living is necessary for your bounce back journey

cornerstone #3 commitment

Serving With Excellence + Integrity

Three shifts necessary on your bounce back journey as you commit to serving your community


1. Don’t Be The Weapon Formed Against You: 10 ways self-sabotage might be showing itself in your life and challenging your progress on your bounce back journey

2. Put Your Head Down: Sometimes even beautiful things have to be released, and God sometimes calls you to release them when it doesn’t make sense.

3. Trust Issues Phase 3: I Will: A transparent look into my journey to realising I was running from God + purpose – and how you can assess whether you’re on the run in this season


A community where Christian women thrive on the journey from SETBACK to IMPACT + INCOME.  This community was created for this specific season…For your season, Beacon. This is your season for you to find and raise your voice, to share the power of your story in faith without guilt, shame or fear.

Hi, I'm Tiffany Huff-Strothers, Wife, Mom, Evangelist + Mentor for Women.  My work with Coffee+Clarity made me an Award Winning Entrepreneur, and sharing my truth made me an Award Winning Author.


Before I was 30 I’d invested nearly a decade building a career I didn’t want and pouring into a tumultuous relationship that was suffocating my spirit, and nearly killed me when it ended with a bang – literally. (Spoiler alert: I wrote a book about it!)

After years of habitual job hopping, in 2014 I took the ultimate leap of faith, trusting God when I was called to quit my full time job to pursue my life’s work – helping women like you bounce back from your worst setback and climb to success –according to God's plan for your life. Learn More

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